I Didn't Change (Bonus Track)

Track byKurupt

  • 2018.06.29
  • 5:06


[Intro: Kurupt] Black flood, feel me Yeah, slice (slice) Bonzi J. Wells, Kurupt Young Gotti, nigga Feel me, real talk, gangsta [Kurupt] My life, my family - they hate me They wanna execute me, fuck around and shoot me Damn, do I gotta change my whole mind state? Throw a brick up, new nickel to eighth I gotta go to a different world Cuz right here is a motherfuckin nightmare It's Young Gotti, I'm always the motherfucking underdog, dawg Wait a minute, I got a question for y'all.. Do families turn there backs over emotions or acts? Turn their back over emotional acts? Do they fall in emotional traps? Do it transpire into emotional collapse? From nickel's and mac's, over bread and bitches, poetics and rap's Or who they choose to do business with or perhaps, we talkin bout family I can't believe my eyes, it's the stand up, fall and rise All cuz how cuz I'm fuckin with Blood Oh this niggas hot cuz I'm fuckin with cuz Oh this nigga got problems because of this He read an article and thought a nigga tried to dis When we was young we use to roll like a all nighter Then roll a pimp game kicked in and popped collars Me and one of my brothers use to be the tightest group Until this motherfuckin day, we the tighest group I can't help it if a nigga make a sudden change Would it be a different game if it wasn't change? Would we be as close as we was in '93? I can't help but think a little bit differently I can't help but think we might even be closer We use to be back to back holdin toasters [Chorus: Kurupt] I didn't change.. When y'all niggas wanted to stay - I didn't change When things wasn't going our way - I didn't change When y'all niggas wanted the verse The shoe was on a different foot and the roles reversed - I didn't change When niggas use to call us wack Like "Fuck the Westcoast" and never call us back - I didn't change When niggas was talkin shit Talkin bout they ain't fuckin with us - I never changed, nigga [Interlude: Kurupt] *scratched* Give me mines, give me mines nigga This is for the homies "It was ninteen nintey three" Blaze that shit up This is for the homies.. [Kurupt] I'm about to change motherfuckin rules Here first like wild motherfuckin bulls I'ma make something for niggas to link about And leave the whole hood with something to think about I can't help but think a million times a day A nigga got about a million things he gotta say I never been the type to beat around the bush My big homie introduced me to Benz's and cush God grant me the strength to go the length, the width With a little bit of that and a bit of this It's fucked up that a nigga that I barely know Would give it up to me but my homies won't My success pattern is in a constant shake It's like film making without no film to make It's like hang gliding but I can't hang And now niggas tryin to kick me out my game All because of where I choose to lay my hat All because of where a motherfuckers at I'm feelin like I'm falling like dead leaves It like I'm swingin from vines like Tarzan I'm about to take another trip to Tarzana Pop something for a motherfucker to go bananas Rack up the gauge, cuz I can feel it coming It's the heater home in the summer, I feel it coming My kids my main priority, you thority, agility, ability My tranquility to toss a typhoon at the moon Hurricane spread through the saloon like alien goons and harpoons I could do this shit by myself I'd rather be read then be placed back on the shelf I'ma motherfuckin G, nigga, forever til I die DP, nigga I love y'all cuz..