420 (Blaze Up) (Feat. Devin The Dude, Wiz Khalifa & DJ Battlecat)

Track bySnoop Dogg

  • 2017.05.19
  • 4:25


High school nigga And they're tryin to get the smoke outta the booth But their not doing a good job Ohhh, oh, oh, oh, oh ohh My grades gettin low But I'm still gettin high It might seem slow But time still goin byyyy Hey Oh and I forgot to mention My girlfriends trippin And my homies ain't acting the same Well as long as there's papers and grinders I'm taking my time and Imma roll my weed And take one to the brain [Hook:] One more yeah I'm always puffin Yea I stay baked cause nigga I love it Had nothin, but now I'm stuntin Tell em roll something cause nigga it's nothn Niggas gettin mad cause my pockets swollen And everywhere I go yea I'm loaded You know my money been kinda funny But I'm still gettin fly And uhm I don't got the best wheels But the hoes still jump inside Oh and I forgot to mention My bestfriends trippin Me I'm doing all that I can But as long I stay on my grind There's gonna be haters outsiders Tryin to take my shine And now their part of the plan [Hook] I guess if you insist I will I'm a twister feel mista feel good to ya I got it if ya need it and you kno I will And this is after school so we gon go until The janitor, handed her, a pack of that Righteously she brought it all back to mac So I'm a do it back to back, got her fat Bags are packed, posted by the cafeteria Eatin on a snack, boy I make it crack-a-lack Days goin to my nights, live a young wild life King of the zoo Devon what it do Knockin all trees down, devin mac with the sac Rollin up with knees down, baby girl ease down It's a holiday, we smokin pot today I got alot to say, I keep it locked away That's how it is Dealin with the pressures of my school life Livin on the edge, joints to the head And so the man said... [Hook]


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