The Jungle Book / Sarabande

  • 2016.10.28
  • 3:41


[B.G.] Uh-huh Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake the type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face I'm a tiger, I'm a lion, I'm a bear, I'm a panther if you ballin' I'ma be the one that's gonna snatch ya I'm a fool, when I'm beefin I give niggaz the blues Don't think twice, first mind tell me do what I gotta do So I gather up my clique, load up the fucking iron gas up the creep mobile, jump in that bitch and ride When I catch ya I'ma do ya, I'ma smoke ya, I'ma kill ya I'ma spank ya, I'ma whack ya, Geezy gone deal witcha I don't play, I don't asshole B.G. don't lollygag I get these pussy niggaz ready for their body bag I'ma a clown but I ain't the type that play with ya child I'm the type that go chicka-blowe chicka blowe Ya heard me, watch out when that thang in my hand I'ma an untamed animal, straight a clean up man Chorus 2X: [Juvenile] I'ma animal in the jungle so you better beware it ain't nothing but guerillas, lion, tigers, and bears I'ma game red-nosed pit ready to scratch got you running like a bitch tryin to avoid the attack [B.G.] I ain't no rabbit, I ain't no rat I'ma a soldier that will give you hell I ain't cat, I ain't no turtle get in beef and hide in a shell I ain't no mutt, I ain't no monkie, far from being a duck believe me I can swim so come in that water, try your luck You gonna drown, guarantee you go under you won't come up I'm from Uptown and Uptown niggaz don't give a fuck My hood is a jungle full of niggaz live that wild life picture a untamed guerilla with a K(AK) he nothing nice so you know you get in his way, you lose your life so reverse that, get in front of me, you lose your life I'm like a alligator crocodile, quietly I lay Then slip, get comfortable, I'll strike and kill a prey take the life out em', stand there and watch him stop breathing watch him fade into the other world, but one day I'll see him but for now FUCK em', see ya when I see ya nigga I know at this moment I wouldn't wanna be ya nigga (Chorus) I'm a lil' creeper, quick like a cheetah, so better (?????) when I tell you freeze, when I was down for my heater people say I'm dangerous, I need a leash and a collar cuz I'm like a ROCK (rocwilder) but much more wilder if You got it, and I want it, I'll duct tape ya gotta a lock like a pit bull, get a hold of you and shake ya ain't now way You gone stomp at me, I feel you trying to play me I'm like Mike when I bite, I give ya bitch ass Rabies From tree to tree, block to block I be hanging Nuts swanging, thuggin, fuck it I'm looking mangy I gives a fuck, I live wild life like jungle animals catch Us gettin how we live on Discovery Channel You gotta be a snake that creep and know how to survive pussy cats got nine lives, dogs like me got one life so we gotta manage it We feel threatened by anything we gotta handle it We living scandalous (Chorus) [animal and jungle sounds at the end]


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