King On Set(Album Version (Edited)) feat. Young Dro

Track byT.I.

  • 2009.01.01
  • 3:43


[Chorus] Hey boy you know it when you see it Them G's on deck Them bitches at attention when the kings on set Nigga come in with that flex and jump up out and get checked It ain't no disrespectin' when the king on set 40 cal in a tech fuck around and get wet You better hit the deck when the king on set Hey hey we got them G's on deck Hey and hit the deck when the king on set Slap a slug on me mac 11 in the bubble coat I'm chillin' with the homie what the fuck you startin' trouble fo' Hey first you tried to tell em homie hatas ay what you lookin' fo' Cause once we start to let em go yo ass they gon' be lookin' fo' Don't know what he took us fo' Never been a pussy so I don't know what they yellin' Screamin' fussin' cause he pushin' fo' I ain't fen to talk let em walk like it's all good Catch him slippin in the parkin lot and then it's all good Got a couple blocks and a mask in the glove box He come out the club and his ass get seen Now I'm linked out the window with the beam on set Made up my mind I'm a kill him when I see him no sweat Make a bet I ain't gon put his monkey ass on a shelf And I don't need nobody help cause I can do this shit myself In a triple black Chevy ride low key step I hope this nigga ready cause he gon see death [Chorus] Now these niggas better move when the G's comin' through Never be afraid to shoot when you see them near you All fellas in my crew ain't no tellin' in my crew Choppa city grand hustle is what they yellin' in my crew I'm a veteran in the crew livin' legend in the crew I keep that desert eagle lethal weapon plus two We goin' beef what it do And you know that I'm a ride We can do it right here or we can take it outside Every day is homicide couple of bodies every night We got half the population murder rate still rise Ay bullets still fly write his name on the wall I ain't even gotta do it I got goons on call I'm a beast I'm a dog you a bitch you a fraud I'm a ride I'm a G you a snitch you a fraud If you want it you can get it hit him all up in his neck And his head and his chest make sure that nigga wet deck [Chorus] Call me triple O-G pussy nigga gon' see You come with that disrespect and you know what it gon' be Call me triple O-G pussy nigga gon' see You come in with that hatin you know what it gon' be Call me triple O-G pussy nigga gon' see You come in with that flex and you know what it gon' be Hit his ass up, hey hit his ass up Just shoot him let the paramedics get his ass up [Repeat: x3] You fuck with tip, fuck with me Bust at him you bust at me We comin' 100 deep it's gonna get ugly [Repeat: x4] Chop his ass up [Chorus]