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  • 2013.08.15
  • 4:13


[redneck - as performed by Devin] Devin, what the fuck you do in here, man? Oh goddamn, you on that beat bop shit still? [Devin] Man, what the fuck you talkin about, nigga? This is hip-hop, muthafuckin... [redneck] Hell man, so you gotta let me get on somethin, man Let me get on this mic right here [Devin] Man, come on, dog, hold up now I'm right in the middle of this mutha... [redneck] Come on Devin boy, you can let me get one of em [Devin] Alright man, just... What you got some beer? [redneck] Hell yeah, I got some beer [Devin] You got some weed? [redneck] Hell yeah, I got some weed around here Here, check it out [redneck] ( *coughing* ) That sweet's killer, man I'm high 'like an eagle', and like the Steve Miller Band I'm a smoker, a midnight toker Get the Adidas box top under the sofa with the joker Then let's roll a big old fat Square like this here, smell like a polecat [Devin] Man, I bet yo weed ain't better than mine [redneck] Oh, that's bullshit [Devin] Take heed of my weed, man, all you need is a little bit Now don't kill it [redneck] Hell man, I took a couple of pulls Here, take two of my Budweisers, give me two of your Bulls [Devin] Man, I'ma give you two of these balls if you don't get your muthafuckin ass... [redneck] Come on Devin, don't do me like that, man Come on, let me rock one with you [Devin] Hey come on man, I'm right in the middle of this shit, man [redneck] You need a hook or somethin [Devin] Man, you don't even listen to rap music [redneck] Hell yeah I do! [Devin] Aight fuck it, come on, follow through with the hook then [redneck] Come on [Devin] Reefer and beer Can you say that? [redneck] Reefer and beer [Devin] Put some soul in it, make it like... Reefer and beer [redneck] Reefer and beer [Devin] High, yes I am Smokin this weed again I had one sweet left, I broke it down and rolled two And sold them hoes and scored a three for ten I spend my cash and time on grass and wine You ask for my opinion, I say it don't make A lot of hoes hope you choke and stay broke Or smoke coke but nope, I bend but won't break I made major mistakes but hey, they're all mine You gotta learn how to get up when you fall down Lived in a small town throwin rocks at cows in a field of dreams Hopin it will amount to just more than a hell of beans I feel the need for beer and weed [redneck] Why don't you smoke some here with me? And we can ride through the ghettos and trailer parks We can drink and spark until it gets dark [Devin] I wake up in the mornin and I roll me a square Sweet or whatever, I put that hoe in the air ( *inhales* ) Hit that muthafucka couple of times Sit back and recline and try to relax my mind With some [Devin] Reefer and beer Reefer and beer Reefer and beer Reefer and beer [Devin] It's a brand new you, I guess it's time to start anew Time to get our shit together, think about things we gotta do Stay close to all our family, keep in touch with all our friends Last year was kinda shaky, it's time for makin some ends Take care of our kids and then Go and get some [Devin] Reefer and beer Reefer and beer Reefer and beer Yeah Reefer and beer Yeah [Devin] Yeah man, that shit was aight, man! Where'd you get that shit from? [redneck] Right over our first track [Devin] You my nigga, man [redneck] Yeah, you my nigger too [Devin] What? [redneck] You're my nigger too, nigger [Devin] My 'nigga', man, 'nigga' Nigg-a [redneck] Nigg-a? Niggaa? [Devin] Nah man, just... Fuck it then, don't say it at all Fuck it


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