Ride Or Die (feat. Foster The People) [Big Gigantic Remix]

Track byThe Knocks

  • 2018.04.06
  • 3:25


[B.G.] Uptown is my home, thats where I do my dirt I either hurt or get hurt It's me or you on that shirt Cant let no nigga fix me Cant let no nigga get me I'ma draw and hit first, I cant let no nigga split me Had my momma upset Nigga, leave my ho pussy wet I'm goin out with a fight, my chopper bullets eject I gets blowed and start Ready to unload at war No witnesses You cant get on the stand and say you saw nothin bout nothin Keep it shut or you dead If you cant hush, open your mouth and you'll get ten in your head That's how I play it nigga, I'll blackmail you wit you rown life It aint right, disrespect you die on site That aint no might, that's a fact You can believe that Instead disrespect, i promise to be back And clear the corner, you cant run, dont try I'm high, bout mine ready to ride or die bitch [Lil Wayne] Load it up with black gats and macs Pay attention to gun blastin And fake buster harassin Smashin, dashin up yo street wit all the lights out Two choppers cocked ready to knot And chop up yo block Lock all doors and keep windows closed Cause we done rolled before So stay on the floor We ride deep in the all black camaro Sittin on mo's And we rolls tokin on fat optimos You chose to test those uptown boys You done got on a straight ride and cant get off Lets all get a stolen car And roll through they ward When it's dark We spark, pull up then draw You done falled in war Got in a big brawl Thought hard but you wrong So you still get scarred Y'all boys done played wit some all out kill niggas Jump in hot cars, cut the deck then deal niggas Still niggas for testin these big lil niggas Still niggas for messin with these real trill niggas Young niggas, chopper totin big gun niggas Front nigga and live your life on the run nigga Stunt nigga and get plugged, drug through the mud Puddles of blood flood You cant swim so you done Niggas start to look And see the all black crook Some booked, some get high Some hot on one foot Spots gettin took, whole bodies gettin dropped Niggas hop, jock, and flock When I hit they block (Chorus) So ride or die bitch Chop or get chopped ho B.G., split or get split Play the game how it go(4x) [Juvenile] Why is you sayin them words, bo janglin, why dont you show yo face Would you dust me or somthin, you must know you gonna catch a case I'm a straight head bust ya Seperate and destruct ya Dont wanna have no Juvey wanna make a ghost or few What am I'm supposed to back down or somthin cause you got a lil click All that frownin and reppin shit Gone get ya down in a devil ditch Never miss, I be drivin niggas wit cleverness Momma used to say this Use your mind and stay rich Pops used to say boy dont let them niggas see your weakness If a fool get outta line with you knock him off his feet quick Why is you showin yo teeth you dont speak Stay on your side of the street, you cant be mobb'n with me I cant have no bitches followin me Gotta Mac-10 and you aint even bust back And your boy got hit in the back What type of nigga is that (Hook) That's why I stay in all black Get the Mac and go back You done fucked wit C-M-R-ah They'll be no tommorrow(2x) (Chorus) [B.G.] Get you a chopper and tote it Dont just buy it to have it Nigga have it to use it Better grab it and shoot it Better know one thing nigga will do it to you Before you do it to them to survive, gotta be true Nigga think just cause we squashed that beef, thats it You might be thinkin like me, I think forgive and dont forget I gotta trick under my sleeve Ridin four deep wit artillary Me and Tootie, Papa, and Cleeve It's an unsolved mystery I'm a fly til I got ya, yo peoples eyes watery I hit a artery Bein real to CMB, it's a part of me Cross me I charge you wit some flamin hot heat Two twenty-three blazed all in yo chest Brain waves you dazed up You see death stare you straight in your face Get waked up cause I left ya stretch for the hurse I take no chance for you to ride, nigga I ride first (Chorus)


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