Wrekonize (Remix Vocal)

  • 2013.12.03
  • 3:53


(Tek) What up? I heard that you got a little prob' Wit the way that we roll and the heads we done robbed Stickin and flickin the bangers, throw them out to ya neck Another beat down inflicted by that nigga Tek And for ya back, establish, yea I got a sharp dagger And a left hook that'll cause ya jaw bone to shatter Whose skilled enough to come test the weeded two Titans from Bucktown, that'll burn through ya crew I got a vibe from the cession in the back When niggas is shaft on the ground puffin meth and kickin raps Smif-N-Wessun comin wit nuff buds and skunk Fake the funk and get found dead in the trunk (Chorus 4X) All heads realize, wrekonize Real heads on the rise, wrekonize You better wrekonize (Steele) Back again, make room for the boom Puffin the lye, gettin high to a beat minus two Choke my yak, is where I lives at and lotta rats (cooch and pain) Is my brain so I don't sweat that Instead I mack wit a Tek and a Dog, my man Ruckus and Rock And yo Rippa what up doc? (Tek) The deals going down like this Non affect the mouth, watch ya lips and my boots do a french kiss Puttin an end to those who tend to get me aggravated I'm tired of countin dues and addin up the years we waited Be on the lookout for these mad blunts smokin Keep ya girl away from me, 'cause I won't hesitate to stroke it (Chorus 4X) (Steele) I'm feelin the rush from the cannabis plant But I can't lamp 'cause niggas get me amped Talkin this and that but my raps formats phat And I slap cats that come miss the stand backs Never could I ever agree on Cuttin loose a lot of mic troops that I roll wit for eons Be on ya tippy top or ya crisply crop By them crooked cops or the local cop blockers on ya block I watch my back when for delf Some say the buzz, but I say the fuzz bad for my health Huh, critics could get banged like did it Bowl, first I get lifted wit my click before up in a show So, I, say what I mean, mean what I say Do what I do, and me not play Say young God for punks who play hard Don't be surprised I'm pullin ya card, ya better wrekonize (Chorus 4X)