Step Aside

  • 2007.01.09
  • 4:05


Hold on and don't give up Don't you worry You don't have to cry Cause He He see's what you're going through Yes Yes he does God is willing and He is able This did not catch him by surprise So just trust him And just oh step aside Be still and don't question it These obstacles they were allowed He wants to take you higher and higher If you will hold on God is willing and more than able This did not catch him by surprise So just trust him And just step aside Oh I know he's faithful My God is faithful To do what He said He'll do Now if He said just believe it There's nothing he can't do You must stand on His word (stand on His word) Put all your cares on him (give them to Him) Cause He knows and He loves you He did it for me that why I can say Step step aside God can work a miracle for you Step aside You got to let go And let God And let go and let God be God Move yourself out of the way Move your pride out of the way He'll never leave you Nor forsake you This what I know it ain't just what I heard So Thank You Lord for being awesome to me You're marvelous Praise him Praise Him Oh step aside Let go let go let go He knows what you go through He knows what you can bear He can do what you can't do So step so step so step aside Thank you Lord And you're in control So I step aside


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Yolanda Adams