Tune In

Track bySugar Minott

  • 2007.12.11
  • 3:41


Intro : Bounty This is more than a rhyme, this is a crime Come to dis my sound yuh on the wrong line Sugar Minott longside the might Bounty Killer Maxfield inna no long talking Cho Sugar Minott Di man dem inna club, di gal dem inna club Di whole a dem dress up a duh di rub a dub Di butcher an di baker an di cndlestick maker Di juicemaker di nurse and di gal name Precious Tune in to the A 1 sound Tune in to the rub a dub sound Bounty 1. Well tek in da soun yah bass and tek in da sound yah treble Everything EQ sound balance an well level Top end a gwaan good an all di bass miserable So a dem yah sound ram dance 7 to 7 Selector say him bad like galawass Yuh drop a pin yuh coulda hear to how di dance quiat All di mid-range seems as if it naah riat When him start play yuh know mi naah hear nuh hyatt Di bassline soun like say it dey pan diat All mi coulda hear from di crowd is a wha dat Di fus tune mi play an get red like Goliath Di boss start tremble like him never eat carrot Well this is a warning to all yuh sound idiot Sugar Minott Why won't you tune in to the rub a dub sound Cho Bounty 2. Bwoy yuh force two box and sound buss up speaker Yuh overdrive the sound an bun up di tweeter Yuh old time mixer an di equalizer Yes yuh have a selector but my own wiser Yes yuh an yuh boss is a late arriver Di scratch up dub dem just a swim inna water An yuh selector dis a pinch like pastor Sugar Minott Say mi an Bounty Killer inna A 1 class Tune in, Bugga Minott in yuh town Why won't yuh tune in, Bounty Killer in yuh town Wi come fi nice up yuh area, wuh yoi! Wi come fi nice up yuh area, wuh yoi ! Rub a dub, rub a dub a whey di people love Rub a dub, rub a dub a whey di people love Cho RPT verse 1 Cho Sugar Minott The critics dem a fight but mi know sey mi right Play rub a dub till a broad daylight Watch how di Uptown posse, an di Downtown posse Dis one is coming from Sly and Robbie Tune in to the a 1 sound.


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