Devil (feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch)

Track byCash Cash

  • 2015.08.07
  • 3:30


I've been dancing with the devil He was always good to me And I've been walking in the shadow Of a friendly enemy But now I'm fucking broken, living in the moment Shoulda known that you would bring me down Yeah, I've been dancing with the devil Like, oh, oh, oh, oh But Cash Cash made my ass bounce back I guess I'll play the bad guy I swear I told you last time You knew I wasn't good for you But you swore you hit the jackpot And you swore you struck gold You were stepping on your toes Always tripping over nothing But nothing's on the floor I swear the time it takes To congregate and conversate Just so things don't complicate I just don't have the time of day To try to pay attention to what your momma say She just moving lips, moving lips Talking 'bout stupid shit, stupid shit And she don't know how to keep the man But she can move them hips, move them hips Let's go! And I love the way shorty get low And the way she bending over And she touching on her toes Momma see me looking at her then she wanna pose I don't even know why shorty got on any clothes And you really know already what I'm gonna drop A halo money mami wanna come up to the top I walk a little closer then I do my Diddy bop I love the way she moving and the way she make it pop And I'm loving the way that you're making it bounce and you're moving it, doing it See the way that you're breaking it down And the way that you got them all losing it Get it, lit, shake it, shake it Bounce, turn up, level, level Do it nasty like you out here dancing with the devil Hey, hey, hey I knew you were trouble, trouble, trouble When I look you in the face I knew you were trouble, trouble, trouble


  • 1.Devil (feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch)

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