Follow Me Follow Me (Quem Que Caguetou?) [Sao Benitez Radio Edit] (Sao Benitez Radio Edit)

  • 2014.01.06
  • 3:10


(feat. Showbiz & A.G.) (INTRO: Dres) Yeah A-ha What? Yo, check this out This is how it's done How you do it? You can't blow the spot, we already blew it (Show & A.G.) And Black Sheep (VERSE 1: A.G.) I drop facts over tracks that go ratatatat Fuck the red, white & blue, I'm with the black-black-black You diss the brother Show, it makes me wonder You put him to the test and watch the brother molest the SP-1200 Used to rhyme on calls and acapella Now I'm doin shows forever, but I was always a 'goodfella' You feel the wrath of the seven and a half In that ass if you don't pass the microphone quick fast Brothers been tryin to diss for years As long as I'm respected by my peers And get cheers - who the fuck cares? Yeah, I'm weeded, but I'm undefeated Niggas is heated because I'm makin a buck, yup, I succeeded And ain't no time for no ego-trippin Me and my homies are all for one, one for all, so let's see who's flippin And I'm still with the brother Show Whoever said that we broke up, they get the dick, and you can tell it's so Showbiz & A.G. and Black Sheep We're in (e.f.f.e.c.t.) (CHORUS) You know how it goes (You know how we do it) You can't blow the spot (cause we already blew it) You know how we do it (You know how it goes) It's me or my brother (or me and my bros) You know how it goes (You know how we do it) You know how it sounds (when a nigga gets into it) You know how we do it (You know how it goes) It's me and my brothers (with the fabulous flows) (VERSE 2: Mista Lawnge) Now who can it be, you wanna see who's flowin next >From the Boogie Down B-r-o-n-x With that nigga D, Showbiz & A.G. My crew is mad deep, don't ever try to sleep or try to play me You'll never be comp and your head will get stomped in >From fuckin with the crew that's Boogie Down Bronx rompin Yo, the Sugar Dick is the man, and Even The Gap Band made a song about how I'm 'outstandin' My favorite pasttime is breakin thee Bitch-ass niggas that apparently mistakin me For a nigga that's b-u-t-t But they all end up r.i.p. So nigga, pause, slow down, baby Back the fuck up, nigga, you must be crazy The others tried to tell you, but you didn't heed the warning Now you're gettin fucked up from late night to early morning You wanna be, but you can't see me Cause I'm in e.f.f.e.c.t. (CHORUS) (VERSE 3: Dres) "Black Sheep, Black Sheep, where have you been, where? Black Sheep, everything you do is cashmere" Yeah, I travel upward, cause I come from Down South Just when you try to counter, my hook's in your mouth Baah! You can't stop me, I do what I wanna I know you wanna, so yo, come on, I Got skills for dills, give chills to mills My style of wild is makin piles of dollar bills So 'fleeex', and it's time to crack necks Punks fuck around and get a chest full or Gore-Tex You don't know me - from silicone titties I keep shit on lock, Aki got keys in cities I rock it, my style's your money in my pocket You jock it and play yourself like Pee Wee when you knock it Off the wall like a hanger, I drop my slang, a Nigga never figured to be in your shit like a booty banger Jingle-jigga, nigga, pass the Endo Cause you fuckin with mees like you stickiin your dick out the window (CHORUS) (OUTRO: Showbiz) Aiyo, check it It's the Show-b-i-z from the Bx, knowmsayin? Showbiz & A.G. in effect Black Sheep As we go on in the swing of things '94 and beyond, knowmsayin? Legion, (Name), One Love Records in effect Check it out, yo D.I.T.C. Showbiz signin off, yo Got the flavor rollin on...


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