• 5:32


[Hook:] Ery'body in the club, get crunk Move side to side, and do the H-Town stomp Ery'body in the club, get loose If you feeling good, and you on that Grey Goose Ery'body, in the club, get crunk Move side to side, and do the H-Town stomp Ery'body in the club, get crunk get pumped Smoke a blunt get drunk, and do the H-Town stomp [H.A.W.K.:] Now ery'body in the club, here's your chance To go and participate, in this brand new dance This dance, is a little advanced And you can even do it in tight pants, let's go now Start body rocking, side to side Slide your feet, from the left to the right then stomp In H-Town, we gon do it with pride But this dance gon be nationwide, get crunk Get crunk with it, you can even stunt with it Do a jump with it, but don't forget to stomp with it Smoke a blunt with it, go on get drunk with it Get crunk with it, go on shake your rump with it And I'm really, not a dancing dude But this track'll make your body move, put you in a groove Now this track, will make you lose your cool So go on ahead and act a god damn fool, and do the H-Town stomp [Hook] [H.A.W.K.:] While ery'body in the club, getting tipsy I'm trying to get do', like Eminem and 50 And I ain't even, on Aftermath I'm just a nigga that's after cash, so I'ma show my ass I'm representing, for the Lone Start State And I couldn't wait, to put a end to all this hate Big H.A.W.K., about to set things straight Make some'ing shake, as soon as this record break now Look at here now, I'm making thangs clear now It's my year now, I'm coming from the rear now Can't nan nigga, block my shine I'll smash an offensive line, and that's the bottom line I'm a nigga, that's built to grind And y'all boys gon give me mine, gon give me mine I done patiently, waited my time Now it's time to put my damn foot down, and do the H-Town stomp [Hook] [H.A.W.K.:] Now I'ma take it, where it all begin That's the 12000 block, of the Dead End I was still, bout my bread then Seen dead men, and many friends go to the Penn And for my niggaz, doing time in the Penn I can't wait, till I see y'all again See your boy, about to set a new trend Once I get a few radio spins, here we go now Please believe that, I'm waiting on some feedback Where the weed at, homeboy I need that Where my G's at, my niggaz with the cheese at Girl that booty fat, go on let me squeeze that And this rap shit, it ain't no comp I'm not Ashton, but chumps get punked Get out of line, your ass might get jumped All on the ground your ass gon get stomp, with this H-Town stomp