Conversation with Collins

  • 1978.01.01
  • 8:51


You take like, me an' my wife We got four kids Got one of those nosey next door neighbors (you got one of those) Yeah we did They got together and they said honey Look-a-here, let's get together one night An' go out an' have a ball let the husbands baby-sit How 'bout that They always do that I come home from work one evenin' Dinner all fixed for me House shoes laid out Paper on the couch Very seldom read Thought I was in the wrong house (yeah I heard that) She say Honey me and the girl next door gonna go out and have a ball tonight do you mind keepin' the kids I said Yeah sure baby go on knock yourself out you don't get out much no how Just long as you be home by two Sometimes I tell you fellas It goes in on ear and out the other one (sure do don't it) Yes it do (sounds just like my woman) I lets her go ahead on out an' I'm baby sittin' Kids hollerin' an' cryin' I had to wash diapers change diapers and they throwin' every damn thing in the house at me Two o'clock come uh uh no wife I said that's alright she probably went 'bout four or five miles outside the city limit I give her two thirty to get home before I get mad (give her a little break) Two thirty come uh uh no wife Sure is mad now Three o'clock (she knockin' on the door is she) mm mmm uh uh no wife just like that short fuse fellahs I'm goin' in a mnute Are you with me fellas Let me hear you say yeah (Yeah) Now I want you to picture this fellas in your mind I walk over in my corner An I turn my stereo on And I heard some sound like this fellas (that sound like the blues people) I don't wanna turn it up too loud Cause it might wake up the kids Fool 'round and got a little tipsy too You know (ha ha) Hmm Fellas Are you with me fellas (Yeah) Hearin' that kind of music man Three o'clock in the mornin' Your woman's out hittin' the street You can git very evil fellas Wonderin' where this fool at now Hmmm Four o'clock heh hah Here she comes draggin' in (here she come too uh oh) Smellin' like a liquor store Are you with me fellas Let me hear ya say yeah (yeah yes yes right on) The first thing they do fellas When they done wrong (What) They talks real nice and sweet to ya (hmmm mmm sure do) They do Now here mine talkin' to me fellas Sound good but I'm still mad Rubbin' and kissin' and goin' on Kissin' me all on the back of the neck I ain't use to that (bet you like it) Felt good too I let her get her conversation on out Now you know what I told her fellas (what) You know what I told her fellas (what you tell her about) You know what I told her fellas (no you didn't) (shouldn't talk like that) (I know where it comin' from) And I fool around an' made her mad You know what she told me fellas (what) You know how they do when they put they hands on the hip (yeah) They try to prove a point that way you know You know what she told me fellas (what) (what she tell ya Albert) We got it on


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