Like This feat. Nate Dogg

Track byMack 10

  • 2007.01.01
  • 3:49


[Mack 10] Am I a hustla? (Yeah!) Say what (Oh yeah!) Yeah (Yeah!) (Yeah!) Well this must be the hustlas anthem (Yeah!) Who bangin' [Verse 1: Mack 10] If it start off soft I can turn it to hard Then hit the boulevard then drop top with a broad I walk the green impart and push fast cars With a fetish for bank wads and cuban cigars Yo! peep the way I do it I'm young, fly and flashy I'm so well laced, so hood and so classy You looking fo that good stuff don't hesitate to ask me Bet I got what you need, so be sure to run it past me But just in case its on keep the blue steel in chrome The homies hop in and roam with khaki suits on And be real with it holmes these rap dudes is clones Mess around with Mack dime and for sho it be on As for my resume respect it or be sure to check it I got a batch of that aqua that sure to get you naked So play your cards right and win before you deck it When I heard this beat knockin fo sho I had to wreck it, come on [Chorus: Nate Dogg] Disrespect, get checked Snatch you up by yo neck Young money tryin to be the man to quick Nigga this ain't checkers this a game of chess Why do I do it like this? cause you like it like this Talk a lot of shit cause I do it the best Some of y'all don't like me but you give me respect When I'm lyin in a grave I guess I'll give it a rest Why do I do it like this? cause you like it like this [Verse 2: Mack 10] I got a large clientele for whatever I sell I don't guess the weight, I tell with a digital scale I got money tucked for bail but before I see a jail I'm a change clothes and roll like J and Pharrell I like to switch up my game and rotate my pros Park the GT bentley and pull out the Phantom Rolls And I pack the kind of heat that you can't expose So my stash box is closed with fo fos and calicos Cause your boy 1 - 0 is ever so gun ho No scope, I get up close, my vision tunnel Got that white by the bricks and brown by the bun door Wit a crew of broads working its never just one hoe, (Oh no) [Chorus] [Verse 3: Mack 10] (Repeat 2x) I know you like it like this Like I said, if it ain't ready I could rock it like this Fo sho, I'm a have the hood poppin like this Mack 10 got that bomb heat droppin like this [Chorus] (Yeah!) Am I a hustla? (Yeah!) Am I a hustla? (Yeah!) Ha, ha, ha (Oh yeah!) Nate dogg (Yeah!) Rook, you still there homie? (Yeah!) Mack 1 - 0 (Yeah!)


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