Life Of The Party(From "Jem And The Holograms" Soundtrack)

Track byDawin

  • 2015.10.23
  • 3:26


Woke up early in the mornin' Threw on a 'fit, grabbed my Motorola phone And warmed up the engine to my ghetto ass hood hog And put the leash on my brand new pit bull dog Hit the switch for the deck and the Z-A-P And let the 600 Watt Zeus funk with the EV's Today's a good day to get my hop on Up and down the strip while these bitches get they jock on Hit House of Soul for scrambled eggs and a plate of grits Raw steaks for my brand new pit It's a clear blue sky on the forecast Hoes tryna flag my ride, but I blows past Called up my cuddie for the spark And he told me Gully Barbecue later on at the Crest Park Young playas havin' fun at that Leave your chrome at home, cuz it ain't gon' be none of that [Chorus:] Perkin' off the Tang and O.J. Checkin' what yo' hoe say to me Another day, just another day In the V-A double-L-E-J-O Headed for the detail shop to get a wax down But the task put the jack down, lookin' for greens and cabbage But I ain't on search and seizure, and my L's is valid I shook the thought of gettin' a buff job Struck to my broad's house, hit her with a rush job Cuz I must mobb off in traffic To my spot cut me down a ounce of dank, and bag it Cuz at the picnic playas wants to choke off Mary Sticky gooey dank, not that hay weed And I'ma play Dr. Feelgood and help 'em live good Picnic and get rich, I'm headed for the hood [CHORUS] Everythang's goin' sharp, runnin' cross a gang a broads And I even saw some sahabs, but these niggas got some get right Showin' love when shown love, tryin' to keep they shit tight One time ain't sweatin' us, we gettin' tacked and sippin' Yak And they ain't even checkin' us, We even got a sideshow jumpin' off on the black top Niggas figure eightin' in the parkin' lot, giggin' to the sounds of Cease Young niggas throwin' down, showin' signs of peace Man, I tell you boy it sure feels good To see these playas gettin' together from all hoods, it's all good I seen some representing the O Got some representing Sac, Richtown and Frisco What they hit for? Playa dice games and dominos Heffer hoes even get they money on And playa Stevie D is here to contribute A bootch to the move on behalf of them dead troops What was once a Crestside picnic is lookin' like a playa's ball And we all at this [CHORUS]