• 1980.06.05
  • 1:07


(Chorus) Yeah, you know You want some tight tight pussy (4X) (Verse 1) Stop what you're doing, and don't get nervous I'm about to give your ass total lip service It's about a tight pussy that you can call mine Two inches away from my big ass behind It might be tight, but it's deep as fuck You might touch the bottom with a little bit of luck 'Cause I'm a real fine lady just driving you crazy Foxy fine bitches in our skin tight britches Not from tabloids or Star magazine Put your dick in my pussy, I'll make your ass cream It's so motherfucking tight, but you know it won't hurt When your dick touch my pussy I'll make your ass work Some tight tight pussy is coming your way You better get ready 'cause my pussy don't play It's tight (Chorus) (Verse 2) Now enter this pussy, I'll make you wear a glove 'Cause I don't know where your dick been flaunting that love Just to give a brief description, holding out a jimmy hat Don't want no germs sticking in my cat Just to stay on the safe side of everything I'll make you wear a rubber just to keep the shit clean I keep my pussy well protected with a nice clean cover 'Cause I know you fuck around with an outside lover I treat it like a diamond on a rope chain My pussy's going down in the hall of fame The monkey is wild, no she can't be tamed The bitch is so bad, so I gave her a name It's called my pussy, pimp that mama Like a clock on the wall, getting dollars Meet me at the crib, and you're sure to get laid You'll get none coming if I can't get paid 'Cause I'm macking, stacking, always packing Steaming hot for the boys that are racking Racking, no that ain't no joke The man that makes that money from slinging pure white dope My pussy don't care where them ends come from Come on with the thousands and you're guaranteed to cum Get your fuck on any time of night But I must remind you, the pussy's just too tight (Chorus) - 2X (Verse 3) Now at the end, I'd like to remind you Dig in the pussy, your ass is through You won't be the first, and sure not the last Fine motherfucker to tap the ass I had a lot of men before I met you I'm a have a lot more before I get through From coast to coast, I'm known very well A hoe with an attitude that never been to jail Fucking and sucking 'till my lips turn chafe But the pussy is tighter than a Century safe Well known artists throughout the world Want to pay ends just to sculpture my pearl Consider yourself lucky, cause you're getting it on wax You paid five dollars and a little bit of tax It came from a hoe, so you know you got it right But I'll say it again, my pussy's too tight (Chorus) (repeat and fade)


Yellow Magic Orchestraの人気曲


Yellow Magic Orchestra