For Corners

For Corners

作曲:ディゲブル・プラネッツ/Shuggie Ottis

(feat. M. Payne, Sulaiman) [Monica] Brooklyn got the funk Uptown got the funk East/West/Northside got the funk L.A. got the funk Boogie Down got the funk Queens do got the funk The bottom got the funk We got the funk [Butterfly] I'm high as the wind so I blow minds Curb hanger and hopper at the oracle of hipster Just like Black Caesar my depths are fresh 'Cos you're a fish and I'm a water sign My laid-back pimp walk is linear by design Gold fronts soul I shotee now watch you shine Me and C-Know makin' it a pundit I'm glad to see my nigga he plush and lavish on the block [Mecca the Ladybug] Cleaner than others in my form I resort on the corners Connect with my propers Cop my double players Cleo still hittin' 'till 38's pump and they up it Yell it and could never by defunk-ed I'm totemed in the fashionable flyers Unscared against the palest of 'em Gem percents unheard since I'm the storm Donned '69 power... Blocks [C-Knowledge the Doodlebug] You can check my stats I got crazy ups baby C-Know got style don't play me like I'm lazy Fadey but never will I go out My cl-out is known across the crooklyn lands My universal fans got stamina Polar bears are fear when we step in the arena 360 C-Know simply cyclin' Firm as a rock print the god when I'm buildin' blocks [Monica] Mecca she got the funk She got the funk yeah My man C-Knowledge got the funk He got the funk yeah [C-Knowledge the Doodlebug] From the 11217 I transmit My area is thick my vision focused My jitterbugs limp n' learn as I squirm But I'm a team player so I waits my turn And when I get the rock I'm going straight to the hole My average per game is pure black soul In the 13-X styles the ignorance Got the clearance to speak intelligence on the block [Mecca the Ladybug] Into illusion we drown By forth sounds smooth enough to break you left Another pound as my conscience get they rest That's right we Shaft it Includes this pro strips as I shit, burnin', blowin' Shakin' E-as-Allah 3 different bags of proof Why won't you swallow it approach you one time, the clearest Finer and sharper in the hour of black steel power... Blocks [Butterfly] Son I'm divin' I worm mork n'jeans high swarms The nigga in the Cadillac so watch my spokes hoice Spread him out a pound you slide me to 126 My soul-zodiac stroll with G licks My understanding Bill doses 7 to the 6 I pump a fist Even my hair got an ego Gettin' super id The kid is super kid I doozey with the young Marx plus the 7ods on the B-Line [Monica] Butterfly got the funk He got the funk yeah Sulaiman got the funk He got the funk yeah [Sulaiman] Ay yo here's the man The true mastermind born n' planned Talents skills not the wimps stand So kill the sham as I speak techniques mad deep To represent for the streets the city corners Leave 'em hot as a sauna Word is bond 'cause Sule the steps be on The true original sunset to rise with foes and those you probably Recognized on the block [Butterfly] I play my jet tilted 'cause I got shtyle Like every nigga on the corner stroll with brown boots This is our block and we do be tripping Ringin' round the ave like sata at mad volume I flash a slick grin sayin' cool with nuance The donut eater sweatin' at the blacks we all fronts He asked my whats my name I told him Mark Essex Sucker I got lessons forever I'm 'bout to bless it Ay yo Sule noise it up Blocks [Sulaiman] I know you feel that you're real Did you check to see? Nope check the crew members Brothers like Ambush and C.0. Filthy rich downs a man in savages Shown how Skay-Yo swings a method to your madness Real troops so walk around with the joint so get the point Get get the point get the point get the point And now lounge to the sounds 'cause the best spoke I catch you on the next note Or on the block [Monica] Originals got the funk We got the funk yeah Hip Hop gots the funk He keeps the funk yeah Teri got the funk Monica got the funk D.P.S. got the funk 7ods got the funk Operation from the bottom got the funk 7 And A Crescent got the funk Jazzy Joyce got the funk Joi y'know she got the funk Ruth there he got the funk Pudgee straight got the funk The streets got all the funk Three T's got all the funk Zhane got the funk HB got the funk Little P.O's haven't got the funk Beneficient got the funk Actual Facts haven't got the funk Soul Foods got the funk K.B. got the funk Rodo got the funk Brother Arthur 4 got the funk T.E. got the funk Dave got the funk Dex got the funk Marx Brothers got the funk We got the funk, yeah


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