She's Very

Track by[Alexandros]

  • 2010.01.20
  • 4:56


Watch the street Watch out! She is out there I've got goody goody eyes With 20 - 10 visions Inside my head She walks around this big fat town And all the other pity male that passing her by dribble around インシャアッラー She doesn't know that she's so fine I'm gonna give her all I've got and all I'm gonna earn while she is untouched 失敗無縁の完璧プラン ここまでは全て上手く 順調に進行してきた はずなのに 「ごめんなさいね、 あなたの事は 好きなんだけれど まだ 少し時間を下さい」って (She's Very!) Every time I ask her out She says no "YES", nor she says "NO" I've gotta find a reason why she's been so shy (She's Very) わかった 彼女は悪魔 男心くすぐって 何も知らない 純真無垢なフリをして She played around with my affections Yeah alright I admit that I lose the game I'm gonna turn it around 再度アタックして 意気消沈して 何もわからずじまい わけもわからないまま ハマッていく 「ごめんなさいね あなたの事は 好きなんだけれど まずは友達から はじめましょう」 (She's Very) Every time I ask her out She dodges like Mohamed Ali Welcome to the world of where the jungle prevails (She's Very) わかった 彼女は悪魔 男を弄んで 何も知らない純真無垢な フリをしながら She just turns me on again I've been a too desperate I was starving like hyena hunting for prey It's my turn to be on top It's time for me to be a little smarter now to set a trap... set a trap... set a trap... Now Every time she ask me out First I stop and think to myself Should I be the one to be the one or not (She's Very) Naughty girl, at last she is mine Taunting her with an absolute grin Never need to learn a courtship dance from today I know She's Alright She's all mine Don't have to make sure if she'd absolutely cum But wait Am I alright? Do I ever need to know if I'm right? I could be the one that's falling hard and get addicted to the girl