KOHH(コウ) 東京都生まれ 独特な歌詞表現、思ったことを そのまま 歌詞にしているかのような「適当」な音楽スタイル。 2013年11月、全くの無名の状態から処女作 「YELLOW T△PE(イエローテープ)」を リリース。 収録曲「JUNJI TAKADA」が高田純次氏のラジオ番組「高田純次の毎日がパラダイス」で紹介され 一躍話題に。同じく収録曲の「FAMILY」 では幼少期の公団住宅での暮らしを歌い、その独特な 生い立ちも注目される。 2014年2月、世界30ヵ国以上に支部を持つユース向けデジタルメディア、VICEで特集される。 日本人HIP HOPアーティストとしては初。 2014年7月、自身初のアルバムとなる2ndアルバム「MONOCHROME」をリリース。 iTunesのランキングではHIP HOP / RAP部門1位、総合6位(初登場)と新人としては異例。 2014年10月、メルセデス・ベンツファッション・ウィーク東京(Mercedes­Benz FashionWeekTOKYO=MBFWT) では落合宏理氏が手掛けるファッションブランドFACETASM(ファセッタズム)のモデルとして参加。 2015年1月に自身2枚目のアルバムとなる 1stアルバム「梔子(くちなし)」をリリース。 iTunes総合アルバム・チャート1位、HIP HOP / RAPチャート1位を記録する。 韓国のアーティストKeith Ape – It G Ma (feat. JayAllday, Loota, Okasian, KOHH)に客演参加。 ミュージックビデオが世界的に広まり公開から1ヶ月で100万再生を記録した。 (2015年8月現在約1100万回再生)。 2015年10月、自身3枚目となるアルバム「DIRT」を発売。 iTunes総合アルバム・チャート2位、HIP HOP / RAPチャート1位を記録する。 収録曲全13曲のミュージックビデオを作製し映画館で発表するなど斬新なプロモーションも注目を呼んだ。 HIP HOPアーティストの枠にとどまらず、ファッション・アイコンとしても支持を集めるなど 世界的に注目される存在へと急成長をみせている。 KOHH Born April 22nd 1990 in the town of Ouji in Kita Ward Tokyo City. Composing lyrics that express the realistic and often rough side of life in a raw and powerful form, he has an uncategorized style that is free of musical genres ga ining immense support of mainly a young audience domestically as well as internationally. On top of his music endeavours, he is actively involved as a fashion model on the runway, such as providing artw orks that he had a core involvement in at various exhibitions, proving himself to be an artist that goes beyond that of a rapper and musician. In November 2012, as no-name artist he released his first piece “YELLOW T△PE”. In the song “FAMILY” recorded in the 2012 release, the daily struggles of a drug dependent mother in a metropoli tan city and her coming-out as an addict was portrayed in a raw and realistic way that had listeners wanting more. In August 2013, he released his 2nd mixed tape called “YELLOW TAPE 2”. The song “JUNJI TAKADA” was introduced in Mr Junji Takada’s radio show “Daily Paradise of Takada Junji” and g ained wide spread attention. In February 2014, he was featured on the digital media platform VICE which holds viewership over 30 countries. It was VICE’s first feature on a Hip Hop artist from Japan. In July 2014, he released his 2nd album “MONOCHROME”. This was his first album that was released and turned h eads when it was released due to the sequence of releasing the 2nd produced album first. This release ranked 6th in the iTunes overall album chart and 1st in the Hop Hop/ Rap category, an immense feat for a new artist. In October 2014, he was the show model for FACETASM, a fashion brand by Hiromichi Ochiai featured on the Mer cedes Benz Fashion week Tokyo. In January 2015, he released his 1st Album “Kuchinashi”. It ranked 1st on the iTunes overall album chart and 1st on the Hip Hop / Rap charts. In the same month, he took part in the song “It G Ma (feat. Jay Allday, Loota, Okasian, KOHH)” by Korean artist K eith Ape. The music video was a hit worldwide with over 1million views within the first month of release. As of April 2016 t he view counts have exceeded 21million. In June 2015, he released his 3rd mix tape “YELLOW TAPE 3”. On October 28th 2015, he released his 3rd album “DIRT”. Upon the release of the music videos, there was a tremendous reaction. In December 2015, at LIQUIDROOM in Ebisu Tokyo, the tickets to his event “DIRT” CONCERT & GALLERY was sol d out within 1 minute. In March 2016, he was part the line-up of FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2016. In April 2016, he gained recognition for his artistic works in France, for which he was invited to take part in the F rench Foreign Ministry exchange meeting. In June 2016, he released his 4th album “DIRT II” Instagram: Twitter: