“ 桜 ” 幼い頃の思い出は 今夜も父はやっぱり遅くて なんとなくイライラ 玄関の靴箱の棚から 自転車と家の鍵を掴んで 外に出ると 春になりたての空気は ほんのり少し生暖かくて 空には霞のかかった満月 せっかく家の鍵を持って出たのに さっぱり忘れてかけ忘れちまった 人気のない田舎道を 北野天神に向かってペダルを漕いで 誰も居ない暗い神社は とても不気味で恐ろしくて ジャングルジムは諦めて そのまま五条川まで走る 五条川の川沿いには桜並木 近くにスーパーの駐車場 そのライトに照らされて 川に散った桜の花びらが綺麗で 自転車を横倒し 目が慣れてくると桜もとても綺麗で しばらく見惚れてたけど 家の鍵をかけ忘れたと思い気づいて とたんに 桜なんてどうでもよくなって 血相変えて慌てて帰った 家には父がもう帰っていて 怒られたけどとても嬉しかったんだ   " cherry blossoms " Memories of childhood My father is late again tonight. Somehow irritated From the shoe rack at the entrance Grab your bike and house keys when she goes outside The fresh spring air It's just a little warm A full moon covered in mist in the sky Even though I took the house key with me I just forgot about it. A deserted country road Pedaling towards Kitano Tenjin A dark shrine where no one is very creepy and scary Give up on the jungle gym Continue to Gojo River Rows of cherry blossom trees along the Gojo River Supermarket parking lot nearby illuminated by that light The cherry blossom petals scattered in the river are beautiful. overturn the bicycle Once your eyes get used to it, the cherry blossoms are also very beautiful. I was fascinated by it for a while I realized I forgot to lock the house Suddenly I don't care about cherry blossoms anymore I went home in a hurry with my face changed. My father is already home He was angry but very happy