“ 満開の桜 ” 朝寝坊をして 今日は何も予定がないとホッとする 朝のルーティンをすませて 珈琲を飲みながらインコと過ごす ついついいろいろ思い出しながら 過去に縛られるのはキツいよね インコにキスしてケージに入れて 外出服に着替えてそそくさと いつもの定食屋さんに向かう 通りの桜は満開でしばらく見惚れて 鯵の開きをつまみながら 隣の席で話す噂話を聞きながら みんな他人の家庭のことに興味津々 それより僕は自分のことを心配したい 珈琲を出してもらって 今度はこの春就職が決まって越してきた この町の新しい若い住人と話す リサイクル店までの道順を教えて 一緒に自転車が安く買える店を検索する はじめての一人暮らし これからが人生ってのに少し嫉妬してみたり 店主にお礼を言って会計を済ませて 帰り道の桜はまた違う色に見えたりする さぁ 帰ったら明日からの小旅行の準備 買わなきゃならないものもあるかもね 久しぶりの遠出だな 変化があるのが僕には何よりのご褒美さ     “ Cherry blossoms in full bloom ” I overslept and felt relieved that I didn’t have any plans for today After completing my morning routine I spent time with my parakeet while drinking coffee I couldn’t help but remember all sorts of things It’s tough to be tied down to the past I kissed my parakeet and put it in its cage I changed into my going-out clothes and quickly headed to my usual restaurant The cherry blossoms on the street were in full bloom and I was entranced for a while While eating filleted horse mackerel I listened to the gossip being talked about at the table next to me Everyone was very interested in other people’s families I wanted to worry about myself instead I was given coffee This time I talked to a new young resident of this town who had moved here after getting a job this spring I gave him directions to a recycle shop I searched for a shop where I could buy a cheap bicycle together My first time living alone I felt a little jealous that this was my first life I thanked the shopkeeper and paid the bill The cherry blossoms on my way home looked different colors Now When I get back, I'll prepare for my short trip starting tomorrow. There might be some things I need to buy. It's been a while since I last went on a trip. Change is the best reward for me.