No Diggety

Track byDas EFX

  • 2007.06.26
  • 4:01


Intro/Chorus: No diggedy - can I kick a rhyme for your mind? No diggedy - do we bring it real e'rytime? No diggedy - can I kick a rhyme for your mind? No diggedy - Das EFX we rip it e'rytime *repeat* Verse 1: Dray, Books Yo yo Well biggity back from the gutter, ya beat the butter flow comin at'cha Check the rapture that I miggity manufacture Body snatcher, here to throw the pitch again Gotta switch again because we back up in this bitch again (No doubt) We roll like Michelin, the rapper's know the pedigree Flowin steadily, yo Boogie Banger rizzy ready G? I'm miggity made of snakes-n-snails and rock Wally tails jiggity joined by the balls in case all else fails Higgity hails from the land of gunsling and I tell ya one thing diggity Das EFX we run things, hunting down hardcore clowns and love singers and I got more styles than Brooklyn got drug slingers (word up!) Police oppress me, MC's wanna stiggity stress me Tickity talkin more trash than a Hefty Heaven-to-Betsy when Dray spark the sess, we left you faggot MC's marked for death Chorus Verse 2: Dray, Books I line up rappers then I drop em like they're dominos (No diggedy!) And naybody from their poppa to their momma knows (No diggedy!) We got the flows to get ya hyper, plug up the mic-uh phiggity-phone and then it's on because I'm just the type-uh And ain't no diggedy, I flow until infinity, you must be kiddin me ain't niggity nuttin gettin rid of me Big up to PMD, forever gettin blunted Flooded in the triple black Benz 500 I riggity rap like Saram from here to Pakistan Me and my man came to kick styles out the can Fridge you with the flow, yo it's the big chill Ship all pounds plus stack my grants in a hill So you better set the *?backra?* or ya head'll splat I smiggity smoked the pot that called the kettle black Provoke and get your jiggity jaw broke B-K-L-Y-N we no joke! Chorus Verse 3: Dray, Books Well yo the 1 is for them suckers, the 2 is for my shortys the 3 is for my knuckers puffin els and crackin 40's Diggy Das EFX you know the text we never slackin We back and fliggity flex a nigga, check the rappin Niggas be actin shady!!!! so I got eyes behind my back and I biggity black the 80 Yo we crazy as they come smokin blunts by the carton Beg your pardon but MC's is a pain like ???? Sharpen up your skills, it's on the real to break em down My sound is strictly hardcore underground Chorus x1 1/2


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