The Future

Track byDe La Soul

  • 2004.10.05
  • 3:50


[Intro: sampled vocals] We are singing, you this message Through our music, reaching for a, brave and brighter new tomorrow, is the future We must make it, safe and happy, for the children Or... or... they will be lost Or... or... they will be lost [Pos] Aiyyo I jump back, put the aim on my shot It's mandatory, handle glory over with the rock I'm not a rough guy but a tough guy to beat over drums No son to this, I'm a rhyme bastard Some mastered the art of cash, but not the part that lasts and disappear after doin two albums We're not your normal team and we still do ours to fit hope inside this, don't define it's quits for those who oppose the new Playin they've outgrown rap like a size 5 shoe Oh they all {?} now, alternative touch were surprised, no demise for us We on the rise to bust big, how you fig' we couldn't Never run out of verbs for you to sip, I told you we wouldn't I never popped Crist' or popped fists, girl named Chrissie was the first, which made it even worse not to miss me [sampled vocals] Or... or... they will be lost (the future) Or... or... they will be lost (the future) [Dave] So do you understand it now? Well try standin over seven box sets, reppin sixteen years This rap career ain't work, it's the life in-between bedtime 'til the next said time and date Know the name and salute them dudes Put the nutrient in rap when they cook them foods Gotta be like eighteen million heads served Shit, imagine if there wasn't no us huh? So I'd like to take the time to shout out the JB's Next on my list is A Tribe Called Quest Latifah my Queen, Monie Love, Dres and Mr. Lawnge Chi-Ali, on your head God bless Never ring chasin, the permanent tat in this rap shit, y'all are just temporary lick-ons Fadin in the days to come While the name De La and the legacy built lives on [sampled vocals] We are singing (sing it out now) you this message (sendin you a message y'all) Through our music (through the music) reaching for a, brave and brighter new tomorrow (another day y'all) is the future (it's the future) (it's the future) We must make it (we gotta make it) safe and happy, for the children (for the children) You little brats


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