It's Hard Being the Kane

  • 2011.06.21
  • 4:58


Uhh! Put your weight on it Uhh, and uh, Prince Paul, bring me on and uh Aiyyo Botch, bring me on and uh Mad Money Murph just bring me on and uh Just bring me on, yo This is a world premier and I'm here A presentation beyond compare So MC's step to the rear as I break through Girls say ooh and then skip to my loo That means dance as I get smooth with Poetic perfection that you can groove with Just like a passenger, hurry and fasten your seatbelt cause I'm about to start broadcastin the words of wisdom, so turn up the system loud and clear, I don't want no one to miss one word to be heard never blurred or slurred The preferred is absurd, all the damage that's occured As I break MC's like a lumberjack Ain't no comin back, you can't get none of that I'm not the type of MC to be merciful So if your name ain't Jermaine take it personal Cause like a vigilante I'm gonna kill off any sucker MC that tries to withstand me With the mic in my hand I start flowin then all competition flee and start goin in the other direction, run for protection Cause I can burn an MC like an erection You're too small kid, don't get involved with the verbal law for the Nation of Islam Wisdom I speak makes your head nod Showin I got the power, and that's from bein born the God But many doubt my Knowledge of Self But they're just illiterate, so I don't consider it Feedin off poison that's pollutin their mind and that's the reason I don't swine I gotta maintain, accelerate my brain and god damn, it's hard being the Kane Give it to me! C'mon! C'mon! Uhh! Give it to me! Give it here! Give it to me! Yeah.. This is the proper way man should use ink But you're at your brink and your rhymes are extinct Just like a dinosaur, but you never find a more cause mine'll keep sellin on wax like some kind of whore Let me inject this, flow of electric currency for all the party people preferrin me and spectatin like a tourist, cause you never saw this style of rap kickin like Chuck Norris But this ain't Kung-Fu, no I just brung you a style, that phony MC's were too young to digest, when I manifest, you adolescent So sit back, relax, be glad you had a lesson And this one's for your listenin pleasure Somethin for all the bitin MC's to treasure Just like a diary, for you to admire me before you're put in the Dead Poet's Society Cool as a draft, droppin math in a paragraph I laugh as the wrath break in half, your whole staff But many MC's were able to retreat Runnin like an athlete, but I got bad feet So I don't chase ya, nor do I wait to face ya Nah it ain't in my nature I just rip shop, flip-top, and watch MC's get dropped as I manifest in hip-hop Rhymes I construct are tough like a Tonka truck And just like lightnin they struck down on all the toy MC's that annoy That's how I build and destroy The poetic printer, rough rhyme inventor with a groove so smooth you can't help but get into So I'm advisin competition to flee cause I can bake an MC like Chef Boyardee Holdin my own on the microphone Cause I break bones just like sticks and stones So let it rain let it rain as I put em in pain God damn, it's hard bein the Kane! Give it to me! Get up! Come on! Uhh! Give it to me! Come on! Give it to me! Yeahhh Put in a pause, because here's the holocaust Above all laws, in effect and all yours Cause I came to blaze a taste of bass of grace A replace, erase the waste without a trace My vocabulary will just have you very dazed and amazed so I fear no adversary -- that means competition They can't even touch this, even with ammunition Break out the gauge and go into an outrage and I'ma still blow up the stage Cause this is a death threat, but don't let your sweat get in the way of your vision don't be missin when I get set to go on a rampage, start a one man rage Total destruction as I rip up the damn stage And leave it in ruins from the damage that I'm doin to prepare the atmosphere, as I put you in the mood for the Smooth Operator to start this flow And so.. I crushed and crushed and stomped the comp that tried to get fly and face the ace I put em in place Proceed em, retreat em, defeat em, delete em, and feed em, and eat em and all the rest of that good stuff, cause I don't need em Only one survivor can remain And god damn, it's got to be the Kane! Get up! Give it to me! Give it here! C'mon! C'mon! Give it to me! Uhh! Put your weight on it


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