Wrath of Kane (Live)

  • 2011.06.21
  • 5:03


He has arrived, at the apollo Big.. daddy.. kane! * fans screaming * [big daddy kane] One two Can I get a stand? can I get a mic stand? A mic.. Aiyyo whassup y'all ready to party or what? * fans screaming * We gon' groove with this one tune for y'all.. * fans screaming * Can I see the peace sign up in the air? You know what this is? The wrath of kane, takin over your circumfrence Destroyin negativity, and suckers that come with The weak, the wack, the words, they're poor I thrash bash clash mash * mister cee scratch * and ten more Blow up the scenery, I reign supremer, see You need a savior to save ya, so lean on me I'm playin rappers like a haunted ghost And stomp em out like a watered roach I slay my pray and they decay, I blow away and throw away So go away, cause I don't play Attackin like a psychopath; breakin rappers in half So feel the wrath.. of kane! The man at hand, to rule and school and teach And reach the blind to find their way from a to z And be the most, and boast the loudest rap Kane'll reign your domain! (yeah kane!) The heat is on, so feel the fire Come off the empire, all the more higher Level of def one step beyond dope You suckers all scope and hope to cope but nope Cause I can never let em on top of me I play em out like a game of monopoly Let us beat around the ball like an astro Then send em to jail for tryin to pass go Shakin em up, breakin em up, takin no stuff But it still ain't loud enough So mister cee let the volume grow So I can flow, now yo Juice crew's the family, slick rick's a friend of me And doug e. fresh, stet', krs and public enemy Blase blah, you know who you are The red black and green, the sun moon and star Knowledge of self, degree of twenty-one after Peace in the name of I self lord and master I come to teach and preach and reach and each With the speech every leecher I'm impeach Drop science and build with math And the dumb deaf and blind'll feel the wrath, of kane! Marley marl break it down! * fans screaming * Line by line, chapter after chapter Like a pimp on the street, I got a rap ta Those who chose to oppose, friend or foes I still dispose Blow em out like afros Too many rappers have fronted to get a name out Yellin and screamin and jeerin but still came out Off the wall as butter soft-er y'all So you waited for kane, to come after all Competition, that bite and chew and crunch and munch To play me out position, you on a mission But stop lyin and tryin to front adventures Your rhymes are more false than dentures Freeze, as I get warm like a heater Bite like a mosquito, but still can't complete a Rhyme or find the time to design a line Or phrase that pays, so you down in rhyme I get busy from sun to sun Only twenty-one, untouched by anyone No one throws, bangs or blows All foes I keep em runnin like pantyhose They got soft and tender, front and they'll surrender I turned off more lights than teddy pendergrass Bring on the trial, war be my style But when I'm in effect, they feel the wrath, of kane! Alright, pump your fists in the air like this y'all C'mon let me see the fists in the air C'mon y'all And let me hear you say yeahhhahhhhahhhh, c'mon (yeahhhahhhhahhhh) C'mon now, yeahhhahhhhahhhh, c'mon! (yeahhhahhhhahhhh) Everybody, yeahhhahhhhahhhh, what? (yeahhhahhhhahhhh) Yeahhhahhhhahhhh, c'mon (yeahhhahhhhahhhh) And say hoe-oh (hoe-oh) hoe-oh (hoe-oh) Say yo baby, yo baby, yo (yo baby, yo baby, yo!) And just throw your hands in the air And wave em like you just don't care If you're gettin cash money and not welfare Somebody say, ooh yeah! (ooh yeah!) Oooh yeah! (ooh yeah) Apollo theater, I love y'all Peace!


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