Rap Summary (Lean on Me) [Remix]

  • 2011.06.21
  • 5:11


Lean on me! (2x) "big daddy kane, a teacher.." (2x) "big daddy.. big daddy.." "goes a little somethin like this!" "can I get a yes" (4x) "just lean on me" -> kane *cut n scratched* [big daddy kane] "can I get a yes? " no "why? " I ain't happy Cause I came back for these troubles to grab me And they've gotten a hold on me My oh my, things ain't what they used to be Looks to me like eastside got problems Now it's time to see what we can do to solve them Change for the better, letter New rule be enforced in school so we can get rid of All the bad apples in the bunch Clean up the wall and cook better lunch Put the students in class where they should be To stop roamin the halls, and oh could we Please, eliminate the drug situation Stop smokin and get an education Point blank, let's change the whole scenery You need help? well hey, lean on me "just lean on me" -> kane *cut n scratched* "lean on me!" -> 2x "whattaya do in a situation like this? " "special mix" "please! like this.. like this.." "whattaya do in a situation like this? " "like this" -> *cut n scratched* "goes a little somethin like.. like.." [big daddy kane] Whattaya do in a situation like this? Get tough - or get dissed The job is yours to play the boss enforce the laws Because the source is knowledge, wanna go to college? Or wannabe garbage? It's up to do so what you gonna do I-i prefer to learn, cause this is for your own concern You gotta-you gotta earn, however the world turns So wake up-wake up, to put some sense in your head Don't be-don't be mislead, use your brain instead Because-because a brother like me, can't understand you Playin yourself cheap, like a soggy old pamper Since i'm-since I'm around, I'm destined and bound To resurrect and perfect the entire school around The whole-the whole entourage, a class so large Under joe clark, "i am the head [nigga] in charge!" The man-the man with the master plan for discipline Makin changes-makin changes, no matter what we twist or bend You may not-you may not understand what this mean to me But for your-but for your own good.. just lean on me "just-just-just-just" "for your own good" "special mix" "you may not understand what this mean to me But for your own good.. just lean on me" "just lean on me" -> *cut n scratched* "big daddy kane, a teacher.." (4x) "special mix" "goes a little somethin like this!" .. "special mix" (2x) "goes a little somethin like.. like.." "big daddy kane, a teacher.." *cut n scratched 2x* "..teachin a lesson" *cut n scratched 2x* "..teachin a lesson to be heard, that's word" "can I hear a yes? " (2x) [big daddy kane] "can I hear a yes? " yes! "why? " things are better And we are finally, workin together In unity, and you're soon to see Eastside high as a better place to be The students, the pupils, have morals and scruples Our learning ability is increased quadrupled And we're off to a brand new start I played my part to prove that you're smart And it's proven, but I ain't movin, I won't be gone I'm here, when you need someone to lean on So take heed to this as a blessing and remember.. Ain't no "half-steppin" Get in full gear, I'm sure that you'll care In the long run, when you got pull here That means authority "r-e-s-p-e-c-t" word! So let knowledge uproot ya Go for yours, cause we are the future The ones who rise to supremecy And if you ever need a hand, just lean on me * more cuttin, scratchin, and samples to fade*


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