Pitch In On a Party

Track byDj Quick

  • 2:46


[DJ Quik Talking] Momma I know you said that you wanted a record you could listen to With no cussing and shit I tried But I still gotta do this [Verse 1] Yo Jingle jingle We've go the lingo With so much heat it's hard for us to pick the first single It don't matter cuz I'm underground anyway Rich balling, bitch call and fly any day You dirty niggas y'all too whack to dance Y'all need to ease up off that now before y'all splint y'all pants And leave that up to my niggas, young fly niggas Getting down you and I niggas dont try niggas I changed my mind I don't want your bitch Cuz sorry ass women just don't get rich You could keep her I'd rather have a fifi bag because it's cheaper You can't come up for NL I gets deeper And my hold is so cold, it's a sleeper So pass the reafer And to you false balling niggas just grab your crotches But if you paid nigga pat your pockets [Hook] And for sure You've got yours I've got mine's and we're balling So call up everybody Let's pitch in ona party for sure [x2] [Verse 2] Alright Somebody play the potato Let's take a ballad On who gonna invite the hoes that make the party valid Cuz we don't need a whole crib full of dudes again And here come the police with them big black boots again Kicking niggas out Hand cuffing and stuffing they banging jacky chicken in they mouth And time to shine pitching a fit Cuz somebody rolled her bud in a heeny blunt and won't pass the shit Who keeps turning the lights on? Why the music keep skipping? And why these dirty khaki niggas tripping? I don't know I'm Quik and I'm still delighted 500 dollars worth of white star About to hide it Cuz y'all ain't drinking mine up You better drink that anj and palmason and the rest of that wine up You party haters need to stop it I think we really about to pat your pockets [Hook] [x2] [Verse 3] Hey baby My girlfriend left me today So which one of you old ragedy ass bitches wanna come in here and play? That's what my homie told and try to cop the cancun Then I caught him in there hunching in my downstairs bathroom And in the kitchen and up in there on the dancefloor By the big screen t.v. where your pants go? Some of you niggas I swear I try to throw y'all a ragedy ass party And y'all don't even care Cigarette burns in my plush Empty beer bottles in the brush And my bitch acting like a lush Boy what else could go wrong? Somebody kick the extension cord out [Music stops, DJ Quik talking] Move! Y'all gotta be some of the clumsiest muthafuckas [Music starts up again] To the sounds, now some Y'all done fucked up Get out, get on Speed up nigga Get up, take your weed on Ya nigga, the drunk nigga said it Your pockets, that's where I'm sending K go [Hook] [x4]


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