The Goodlife (feat. Nas,Js)

Track byNate Dogg

  • 3:11


(Nate Dogg & (Nas)) (All star baby) Young quick see (F-U-B-U) Lately all I see is D-P-G (Q-B, L-B-C niggas) When I turn the radio on keep hearin' me (All day, everyday) Livin' the good life, good life uh huh good life (Braveheartz) (Nate Dogg & (Nas)) Sure as the world is turnin' round and round (Shit is real yo) There's these niggas, bitches, snitches tryin' to bring you down (F**ked up) But I don't know why I mention And if I don't pay no attention I'm cool (Real niggas do real things) (Real niggas do real things) Sure as my chronic is the best in town (Inhale and coughs) Those who trippin' slippin' listen, we ain't stoppin' now (Can't stop) We won't even pause, y'all can lick my balls (Bitches) We livin' the good life, good life, good life (Livin' the good life baby) (Hook) Young quick see (Come on, come on) Lately all I see is D-P-G (Nate Dogg) When I turn the radio on keep hearin' me (Still, still, still) Livin' the good life, good life uh huh good life (We livin' the life) (JS) It ain't nothin' but a paper chase But even when ya paper straight Every stage just another way to see cake But niggas still gotta die hate Well f**k it, I'ma do it cause the streets put me to it See y'all niggas is late See it's big face, big livin' Big dogs and big pimpin' Game played with nothin' but precision Money, cars, and women See niggas hatin' cause they on the outside Wishin' they could find a way in it You see the rims spinnin' all black tinted With the niggas who'll bring it to ya brain If it's f**kin' with change Fifty-four nigga remember the name Ritz, glitz only when we empty clips And dismember your brain Cause I remember pain, gain pain, this winner reign But now it's high tech out here in the center lane See we got the world respectin' the slang The good life, hit the studio, the club, straight to the plane (Hook) (Nas) Yo, yo, yo Pass you cowards, classical rap mix form power Yasser Arafat, I'm stormin' with lead showers And I'm murderous, common is formerly Nastradamous I'm goin' for the top regardless Pretty Boy Floyd, the rotten tooth king Ghosts of my dead friends linger I toast to you lover, blunts lit, wish I was hittin' Cock back, four pound, let six in the air Rock that raw sound, gettin' wet to this year Cause of the projects Hannibal Lec, hand on my tech In front the White House, my ice out demandin' respect Braveheartin' to the grave darlin' wavin' my sterling From out the black Bentley it's off, spray till y'all fallin' East to West Coast ballin' Nate Dogg, Nas, and Kurupt, liven it up, dimes in the cut Sizin' us up, y'all wanna f**k, gin and tonic my cup And we live the good life, still chronic it up (Hook)


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