Keep It G.A.N.G.S.T.A. (feat. Lil' Mo & Xzibit)

Track byNate Dogg

  • 2001.12.04
  • 4:05


(feat. Lil Mo) (Chorus - Lil' Mo and Nate Dogg w/ variations) (Both) A gangsta's for every day (Mo) So make sure that you keep it, G-A-N-G-S-T-A (Both) And now that I know the game (Mo) I'll make sure that I keep it, G-A-N-G-S-T-A (Nate Dogg) Deep in the ghetto where the poor people hang Please pay attention they do ghettoish thangs One out of three, yep a third of 'em bang The other motherfuckers they be slanging that cane Always out for money 'cause the money's the game Eastside homey it's a Long Beach thang You heard me right nigga this is DPG With the superwoman standin' claimin' CPT (Lil' Mo) I-I, promise I'ma keep it G Rep my south team, hands in the street Recognise game, and they recognise me 'Cause a G like me comes naturally Tho-ose, haters try to hate on me But they got no choice but to do right by me There's no way o' dividin' me 'Cause my OG's in the streets gon' ride for me I-I, promise to do ghetto things 'Cause I'm the closest thing to ghetto in this industry That's why I be chillin' when it's 90 degrees While ya keep shit poppin' how I ride this beat And people always saying to me How can I tell I'm really a G? 'Cause an OG told a gangsta A gangsta told a playa A playa told Nate And Nate just said to me (Chorus) (Xzibit) Nate Dogg reppin' (Look!) X to the Z I'm shifty, versus runnin' a buck 50 Tryin' to get large enough bank to get Britney I'ma do Britney like Bobby did Whitney Fuck her whole life off, donate my kidney (Yeah!) Wake up to vodka, crash with the whiskey My name holdin' to much weight, you can't lift me Came from my first out ghetto with King Tipsy Hold a torch over my city, you can't miss me Niggas say fuck me but can't fuck wit' me Twist this shit, make your finger tips sticky I need me a wify, shit I mean wifey I'm so fucked up I couldn't read my own writin' (Heh) Clash of the titan, (Yeah!) no propaganda Big (?) hummin' for you Tony Montana T-shirt, khakis, tucked in bandanas Livin' amongst the most scandalous on the planet (Yo!) (Chorus x2)


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