Real Pimp (feat. Ludacris)

Track byNate Dogg

  • 2001.12.04
  • 3:34


(feat. Ludacris) (Chorus: Nate Dogg) I'm a real P-I-M-P And I love the way the ladies shake that thang From a real G-A-N-G And the haters know this Dogg Pound Gangsta gang Nigga you can't fuck with me From the jump I told you I cannot be faded Never been no mystery Never took no shit and always got my thang (Nate Dogg) Let me teach you the game man, homie wit' this When he rockin' ya brain man, gimme a visit Let me show you the ropes loc, would she be missin' Goin' to smoke you some endo, we keep it pimpin' Niggaz playin' that hate game, we keep it pimpin' Niggaz movin' that weight man, we keep it pimpin' Bitches shakin' that thang man, we keep it pimpin' Got one comin' wit' me man, I got love I got love for my niggaz who be watchin' my back No I ain't got love for hoes who play them games You can check my gangsta files I been putting in work since 1985 Got an angel by my side All my demons always beggin' me to ride (Ludacris) Uh, now ever since ruffles had ridges, Luda's had bitches Pimp, get more gums then baby pictures Mnages wit sistas, veins poppin' out like shimp, lobster A-Town mobster, garage full of 6's, what can I say? If something don't smell right, what can I spray? Tec-9 incense, say for instance See you in the distance, hit 'em in an instant We so crummy, countin' mo' money But stay strapped up like crash test dummies Put 3 to ya tummy, 2 to ya throat And bulletproof cars, we ride like the pope Just in case, you don't make it home You better super glue grip the chrome 'Cause you was talkin' that yap and got put in the bed Now it's a frog in ya throat like Ms. Piggy givin' head (Chorus)


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