Take It to da House

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2001.03.20
  • 3:46


(Intro) ("Get down!") Yessuh, (uh huh uh huh uh huh..) Slip-N-Slide Records Uhh, fin' to take it to da house Just get on up and ("Get down! ") (*Sung*) Callin my peoples all across the world This song goes out to all the boys and girls You want them thugs to come and turn yo' party out You better take it to da house, (c'mon) now (uh uh uh) (uh.. yessuh!) (Money Mark) Slip-N-Slide get loose Mo' punch than your bowl of juice And ain't nobody mo' jiggier then us Stuff so ruff it causes head rush like what? Give it to me bring it here Don't stop girl shake it here shake it there Let Money Mark get off in yo' derriere We off da chain fo' the whole year So if you look with a big ol' butt live in yo' own crib and make yo own bucks (yessuh!) Hit me up, Tre dot com and tell me where you from, uhh.. (J.V.) Smoked out, choked out, we get off da chain like we just broke out You don't know bout me J. Dot When I come though all the haters get hot Cause I got mo' hoes, mo' dank Mo' cheese in da bank, mo' rank My dawgs on dubs, yours ain't My dawgs do whatever, yours cain't (Chorus: Slip-N-Slide) Cause we them niggaz that's gon' make you get up out yo seat and ("Get down!") .. We don't play we - take it to da house M.I.A. - take it to da house This the way we - take it to da house Take it to da house - take it to da house Three-oh-five - take it to da house Boy we got dat fire - take it to da house Slip-N-Slide - take it to da house Take it to da house - take it to da house (Trina) Okay play with it yo ain't no stoppin it S-N-S and we rock rock rockin it We gon' lock it and do our thang Cause my dream team takin all the rings I got, Tre who beatin much guts and uhh, Deuce Pop' pimpin news non-stop an' Lost Tribe to my side just vibin And J.B. gon' ball with me T double D, he off in that 'Xcursion Swervin all on the curve with a virgin And I'm Trina, you heard my name I'm still "Da Baddest" ain't a damn thang changed (Co) Now it's time to get down with yo boy C.O. It's me n Money Mark in the big freak show Niggaz recognize, hoes do too When I creep through the room with the Slip-N-Slide crew Gimme room cause I'm buckwild man I'll get'cha krunk, get'cha loose in the sand Tre and we're runnin it still Funk Boogie, spin the wheel! (Chorus) (Trick Daddy) Well order two mo' bottles of Crissy Cris' and get drunk pissy while you listen to this All you rookie-ass niggaz don't try the shit Some busta-ass niggaz can't buy a hit Gimme a break, and a beat I can vibe with A New Quest video and a fine bitch 'Bout fifty-five spins and a mic check and you'll play my shit I never had sex that costed I fuck so much I'm exhausted And this new shit I'm flossin I got that cause I ran with the Dolphins, huh Slip-N-Slide's fin' ta take it to da house New hot shit, fo' you to ride out And for the niggaz that tried there's nuttin left Yo' hoe must think we somethin else Fuck fame, we out to get paid Born and raised in the County of Dade (Chorus) Take it to da house (*repeat to fade*)


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