Ain't a Thug

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.12.08
  • 4:45


(Trick) If I ain't a thug, you think I aint a thug then tell me what I am (Chorus w/ Trey Songz) 'cause if I aint a thug, why do I feel this way why the steets stay on my mind since I am a thug, why do y'all get so mad why can't cha'll accept that, it's my life (Trick) If I ain't a thug then y'all tell me who is how many other mutha f**kas y'all know can do this yea I'm a thug fo ever and I never ever disrespect the game or cross one of my niggas (listen) slippin' already cost one of my niggas so I better select the fools that I be chillin' wit and I don't know nothin', didn't hear or see nothin' I can't remember, but yet still I won't forget 'em I'm from the dark side, born and raised in a thug life and I'm out the city from the drug dealers and wise guys if I ain't a thug, then you explain it 'cause how come a young nigga livin' so dangerous and why my name always somehow involved in stuff it's obvious, y'all can't target us yea I'm a thug nigga, but I ain't a drug dealer Three time convicted felone, so should I know better (Chorus) (Trick) From day one I've been thuggin' and I'm lovin' every minute of it So all you crittics and haters I'm sayin mutha f**k ya I don't like ya, and therefor I don't trust ya You couldn't shake me up, now you tryin' to set me up It's bad enough we had it rough when we was growin' up You killed Pac and Biggie, now try to kill us but I throw my Fos up, 'cause I'm foeva fo sho A thug rebal fo certain, that's why I never listen I ain't the snitchin' kinda nigga Yo, and I'm a different kinda nigga So you bustas can't leave me ain't no centamental nigga I'm sittin' on spinners nigga So when I'm draggin' my Denim don't you bustas try and hit em (hear me) I'm from the parts where the stars like to hear the stars Quality sound beatin down in each and every car Givin' them hell like I'm David Chappelle Prostitute boy there with plenty dick for sale (chorus) (Trick) Since I am a Thug, that's why you listen to me 'cause I'm a T.H.U.G. officially, you see A lot a niggas still doubt a nigga so when they conversatin they be playa hatin' bout a nigga but I expect them to, what else they supposed to do when they dead broke and I got more flow then they do and they mad 'cause I don't f**k wit them Oh well stay mad 'cause I don't kiss niggas ass (bitches) I'm too busy bein' a real nigga So if you f**k wit me you can f**k around and get killed nigga The truth is Mr. Dollars is the real deal Hell I'm the mutha f**ker made county bail (yeah) And I'm strictly for the Thug 'cause I'm showin off and I'm quick to straight f**k a nigga (what) Huh, pussy nigga, what For my mutha f**kin' thugs (Chorus repeat till end)


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