Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.10.26
  • 1:42


(Old lady (girl)) Hello (Hello um.. is Tony home) No Tony ain't here baby he not here (Oh, he ain't their well can u give him a message) Yeah what u want me to tell him sugar (I want u to tell Tony) Uh huh (That he got me pregnant) He got u what (U heard what I said) Aye what u mean he got u pregnant, who this is (This KeKe, he know who this is, yo' grandson nutted in me) Nutted in u (thats right) My grandson ain't nut in nobody (yes he did) He aint got no churrun (I bet u he did) U round here callin people house (I bet u he nutted in me) Talkin bout' u probably, it's probably somebody else(He nutted in me, u don't know what u talkin bout) Probably 3,4,5 I don't know how many niggas u gone talk about done nutted in u (he the only person I been wit) God knows callin my house ol' foot shovo' ol' (Tony did nut in me, he nutted in me) (I was on top of him and I aint even get off of him) Well u should of got off of him o.ol' crazy heiffer (No 'cause I loves him u.u crazy) U got Im serious u got Tony twisted (He got me twisted, I bet u I bet u he the daddy) U got him messed up and I'm telling u probably had a bunch of men running the train on u what they call that ol' manaze mawazy ol'whatever it is (Whateva, nobody don't run no train on me) I bet ya, ol' ol ragady ass hoe (is u jealous, is u jealous, u ragady) Ragady as a mutha f**ker Ragady as uh huh (Ol' hater, ol' hater) No I ain't hatin on nobody (yes u is) I bet u back in my day (what) I used to have em' goin crazy (How u had em')I'm better than u (no u ain't) My pussy badder than ur's (Well tell me how) Yo. Your pussy probably like wet dope wont sell nowhere


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