These Are the Daze

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.10.26
  • 3:45


Heh, y'all remember back in the days When niggaz used to get they ass whooped for snakin cars And had to go strip your own switch off the tree These are the days (Chorus: Trick Daddy (singer)) (These are the days) These are the days (when we parlay) When we parlayed (just me and my team) Me and my team (out there livin our dream) Ha, ha ha, Lord (look how far we've come) Look how far we come (doin what we love) Doin what we love (cause these are the days) (ballin, we gon' hold on) (Trick Daddy) And I remember back in the days, if you ain't like a nigga You let him know, then you asked for a fave And then he coulda got a head up Me and you after school in the front and we can tear it up And everybody gon' know about it Yep, so put down your set, and shut up, and be sho' about it Cause everybody done lost one But don't come home cryin unless your ass mind another one And your ass better fight back And you bet' not run and let it get back to mom Cause, daddy ain't made no punks (uh-uh) And, momma ain't raised no chumps (no way) So, go 'head for what you know Cause a lil' childhood fight's alright, but that's as far as it goes Cause tomorrow we'll be best of friends Never ever disagreein, now that's a friend, c'mon (Chorus w/ minor variations) (Trick Daddy) Now leave the guns and the crack and the knives alone It's, T-Double on the microphone, and I can see trouble right in front your home Far as the kid's concerned, let him live and learn And let him grow to be older than us Teach him more than gangbangin, drug deals and hold-ups And slow up, hold that drinkin just a little bit And when they wanna get high, just let 'em hear this And let 'em hit it 'til they OD Cause when they sober up, they gon' love and respect us Now we havin mo' doctors, lawyers Teachers, preachers, and deep-sea explorers C'mon (singer) These are the days, Lord these are the days These are the days (these are the days) Lord these are the days (for the thugs) (Trick Daddy) Whatever happened to the momma and daddy jokes And why you cuss so much, right in front of these old folks That lady about seventy-five years old That's twice my age, and fo' times yours I know momma taught you better than that Believe stuff like this'll give the ol' girl a heart attack Always hollerin about child abuse and child neglect Where the hell did you get that? Shit the last time I checked You ever lost self-respect, you got it put on your ass for that And it happened right there where it went wrong Part one's now, part two's at home So from now on, it's yes ma'am or no sir Put that behind you, questions and answers Followed by thank you or no thanks Or father may I be excused without bein rude (Chorus w/ minor variations) (ad libs) (Trick Daddy) Hold on, so this here should teach you a lesson y'know Kids, y'know listen to your teachers at school and Parents, need to pay attention to your kids at home Therefore uh, know how to be hard on a child abuser Child neglecter, where e'rybody nobody call HRS on us Beat they lil' bad ass when they get out of line That's what my momma did - fo' sho' Ain't nuttin wrong with a lil' ass whuppin The swellin gon' go down and the bleedin gon' stop But your ass'll be alive, I'll bet you that And umm, I put that on Pearl


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