Thugs About

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.10.26
  • 3:59


(Intro: Cool & Dre) Good god, a ha ha Yo Trick I think we done did it again man ((echo:) of course, of course) Miami's finest, T Double D (haha haha) Y'all know who we be (Chorus: Cool & Dre) I wanna be your homie, your homie, love, and friend I wanna be your boy that you holla at night on the weekends (ooh baby) I wanna be the 'G' that your girlfriends brag about, that's what talkin' bout Ohhh girl come and let me show you what a thug's about (Verse 1: Trick Daddy) I ain't the type of nigga, who get a little bit of cheddar And start hanging on the beach and think he better than the next nigga (next nigga) Though I'll prolly go to Bay Harbor about Gucci, Louis, or Prada For my wife son or daughter, yeah (wife, son, or daughter) They gon talk about us, you should expect that Look at them bitches, they broke, they can't afford this They still livin' with they momma and they wonder why niggaz f**k em' And won't do nothin' for 'em Pump ya brakes lil' mama, some are down to bitch Stay out my face if you ain't got shit good to say And my wife don't like ya (don't like ya) Matter of fact when she see ya, she might wanna fight ya Ho, I tried to keep it real witcha' (keep it real witcha) But by ya runnin' ya mouth and takin' pills, I can't deal with ya Bitch you got real issues (real issues) and I'm a real nigga Deal wit' 'em and I wanna chill witcha (Chorus (w/ adlibs from Dirtbag)) (Verse 2: Dirtbag) Now you ain't neva had a stunna You ain't neva had a gunna You ain't neva had a dirty ass gangsta motherf**ker Now you glad you did First you was scared Poppin champagne bottles, go on take a swig You see this life I live is for the real and not the fake So when we walk the streets girl I'll make ya feel safe (huh) I know you lovin how I'm thuggin all dayyy Your momma hate me but she thank me when the rent payyyed Say my name and watch how ya friends act I got a brother and a cousin they can get at First you was shuddered wit niggaz that get in trouble Then I got you in the cover no other did it so betta Tropical colors on ya dresses impresses me I ain't worryin' about yo 'exes' come flex with me YEEE!! Girl what's gooood You lookin' for love and now you found it in the hooood (Chorus (w/ adlibs from Trick Daddy)) (Verse 3: Trick Daddy) You see the problem is You accept too many promises (too many promises) And you subject yourself, where you can't help yourself But I'm here to help (I'm here to help), so tell the busta to step And baby have no fear 'cause "Thug Life" is here And I got a remedy for you to get replenished in But hot showers, clean towels, and a double hennessey And I hope you got plenty energy 'cause' when K-9 these felines, shit gets finicky (whoa, haha) Anyways, I got plenty ways, to make ya stay But Im'a keep it straight, it's better that way I'm better gettin' wetter that way And I'm bigger than ya last, and we gon' need "Magnum" In fact I'm ready right now (right now) We can get butt naked and I'll hit it right now (right now) But we homies, so let's stay homies (stay homie) Conversation only Okay homie (okay homie) (Chorus (x2))


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