U Neva Know

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.10.26
  • 4:19


(Trick Daddy) This one goin out to uhh, that nigga Bub (the game done changed) Young Black Boy, Rick Growley, that nigga Wayne Parker (ha ha) You know, all the niggaz I know that was told on Yesterday's, killers, today's f**k niggaz huh? (Verse One) My lifestyle's quite complicated I'm an ex-drug dealer, corner sto' nigga, still mob affiliated I'm disrespectful, ill-mannered and quite fiesty That's why f**k niggaz and slap bitches never did like me But Lord, if you're listenin, please God forgive me If I end up doin one of these niggaz out to ruin me and kill me But the devil leaves me only a few choices I gotta kill him or he'll kill me, y'all niggaz don't hear me See y'all got choppers that's splittin when these niggaz go to {?} sippin and set trippin like (F**K NIGGAZ LISTEN!!) I'm just doin my thug thizzle, and I ain't f**kin with a nigga So why they f**kin with a nigga huh? I guess it's part of the strip, where you step out of line get flipped out the lip, f**kin 'round get killed So let them niggaz know I'll never forget 'em Through the rain sleet or snow, I'll always remember yo (Chorus 2X: Trick Daddy) You never know, you never know You never know, you never never know You never know, you never know that know that.. (know that..) (Verse Two) And even though my, childhood was low budget, shit Some of the shit I couldn't have, I wouldn'ta have if the niggaz wouldn'ta took it I wanted things my momma couldn't afford And that's crazy, cause as a little shorty it made me even want it more But now the police got the spot hot Doin an undercover drug ring, sellin X pills and cocaine And some sets up a reverse thang; what makes it worse is that them jerks lost they spine against my own team I heard how bad them boys really want me But most likely, they gon' indict me, for keepin it real homey After all, I done exposed a few of they rats And done told on a few cats to get a few years up off they back And all the shit that I can tell 'em, tell 'em Two times convicted felon so, ain't much I can sell 'em Plus I'm a slug and my third strike's my whole life I know the money's lovely but hell I'll hold tight cause (Chorus) (Verse Three) (One murder comin right up) Who got beef for the Daddy Dollars And wearin wires around they collars Yo, y'all f**k niggaz I'll stop ya And I declare war on any pussy boy And tell his momma his son a whore Him give dem crackers what dey lookin for See the Boogie Man's got a backup plan And I'll, back up sprayin, so y'all don't act up man I was just a law-abidin citizen And I never been a shit started, but I been well known to finish it See, and you can f**k around, and have a whole truck of young stupid muh'f**kers, 'cept that now they lookin for ya And all they need is a minute in the clear Where all the witnesses in they ass done be worth a whole life chance So y'all keep playin all the crackin, den throwin bricks at 'em The next bitch they catch, bet they ass sendin matches You never know, cause they never know, and they never will Why? Cause real niggaz never tell, c'mon (Chorus)


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