I Cry

Track byTrick Daddy

  • 2004.10.26
  • 5:13


(Trick Daddy) Our father who art in heaven Thank you Lord Lord thank you Lord (Trick Daddy speaking over chorus) That's right Y'all could stand up and rejoice now We about halfway through the road We got about another hundred years to go Thats for sure God is good thats right God is good In fact God is not good sometimes He's good all the time (Chorus 2x: Ron Isley) No matter how hard I cry It just don't seem loud enough Lord I hope you're hearing me This goes out to the lonely streets And all my brothers sick of crying yall (Verse 1) I got a letter from my nigga in prison He said he shooked them and its Too far to drive don't even worry about a visit All he needed was a couple pictures And a few dollars That way he ain't have to worry about borrying From a nigga Told me to check on his old girl Make sure its all good For her and the kids But hell I already did And then he asked me about his shorty I hate he asked me about his shorty Cause its been some years since I saw him Him not knowing his baby's momma's horror And ever since the days he's been gone She's kinda trapped in a storm But he goes on and on about when he gets home And then he mention every nigga that did him wrong Put him right back where he started at But he ain't snitched So he feels them that niggaz in his click They ought to pay for that He did his time day for day without turning snake Cause real OG's don't even take pleas (Chorus 2x) (Verse 2) See when I pray I pray for everybody I pray that God bless America That way these terrorist can't tear us up But I'm sick and tired of a lot of other things And the bottom line is We gotta set examples for the kids We first ought to teach em love Cause these days us niggaz got Too much hatred installed in us The radio and TV they just can't get enough This great big old world I guess it still just ain't big enough But y'all listen 'cause I'm holding on playa The Lord ain't brought me that far Just to drop me off here Y'all keep arguing about religions While y'all referring to y'all old books of the bible Y'all all out to miss the last bus to heaven See everybody gonna wait Aint gonna do be no fighting, no pushing, no cussing Nope not at the gate Cause everybody gonna meet there Niggaz you ain't even like in your first life They gonna walk by you and speak So (Chorus 2x) (Bridge - Ron Isley) No matter no matter no matter How hard I cry how hard I cry Oh no matter how hard I cry Ooh Yea (Verse 3) Even and 'Pac and Biggie become the best of buddies Invest some money stay together in heaven I know them niggaz gonna have so much gangsta shit to tell me And its gonna feel so good seeing them together So I'm sending my deepest condolences To those who lost family members To the hands of the men that befriend us Y'all remember we all in this together But whosever ain't forgiving Y'all gonna have hell getting in heaven (Repeat Chorus till fade)


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