Castle Hell

Track byA$AP Twelvyy

  • 2017.08.06
  • 3:18


Yo, yeah Shit is real Yeah S'nothin' greater Than countin' paper in front of haters that hated They tried to cut off my cable Couldn't even watch The Wire Ain't even see the Lakers But a nigga seen a kid meet his maker Shit is like Jamaica with them shottas If you playin' with that paper They'll make you see the fire or They'll take you to the lake Put your face up on the flyer 'cause I know that you ain't make it This is Castle Hell City by the sea, the Devil's favorite I was raised up, up in building 8 11th floor, kill for cake Dealt it raw, seal your fate Million more, pull a Mase down Randall with my nigga Bill You know that nigga ill The thought alone'll give a nigga chills My YGs be on that gun until they die shit Too fly, down to ride with the mob Just a bunch of young lords underground with the gods So be easy 'cause niggas pullin' 9s and them 4s I could put the devil on my shoulder Whispered in my ear like it's over But he fuckin' with a soldier I stand tall, never fold, bruh The flight longer than the stay My nights longer than my day Shit, these Nikes on me got a ray I'm a star myself The price homie had to pay Gotta guard myself, they sendin' shots like Ray But I'm god myself, price homie had to pay Was too large for wealth, can't deposit at the bank It was hard to dealt, 212, it ain't hard to count Wanna ball but it's hard to bounce From the streets to the sweet life Man the young niggas still hold their heat tight Addicted to the G life Man the nigga can't sleep right I'm havin' nightmares So my trigger finger right here Got me bustin' in my dreams, what the fuck is this? See me thuggin' with my team, check the bucket list Got a bucket of Cris and a tub full of chips Poppin' bottles like I won me a 'ship From the birthstone to the tombstone, we strivin' and prosperin'. The character of a man is weighed by his sense of loyalty and responsibility. We are bound to see the course without cowering at the hands of these devils. See, the devil thrives off chaos, so what we do is distort the divine order. And the order keeps these devils exposed, you feel me? War's a creation of chaos and peace is the absence of it. We tryna be chaos-free and exist within the divine order. You can make this shit heaven or it can be your hell. Like I said, don't let these devils start changin' shit and makin' this shit somethin' it's not. Always strive and prosper, ya heard?


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