A Glorious Death feat. Flatbush ZOMBiES

Track byA$AP Twelvyy

  • 2017.08.06
  • 3:45


Blrrt, blrrt! It's a bird, it's a plane New phone, who dis? New day, new bitch Rang rang, there go my celly, tattoos like Makaveli Acid trip, this bitch I'm with might overdose like Anna Smith Crip or Blood, 50/50 love, my nigga died for this handkerchief ZOMBiE gang, A$AP, I eat the beat and beat three From CD to tape deck, LSD, some shroom tea Two groupies and safe sex, threesome, AM Amen, hallelujah, hollow clipped it, hollows through ya Backwood smoking, Goyard gun holster, Gucci sofas Heard you was sending shots, I was too high to notice Marijuana, I'm smokin' potent, my eyes are glowin' My pistol loaded, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, now you knowin' Top of the buildin' and I got a feelin' Sudden rush to the brain, so obnoxious the feelin' Loyalty to the drugs, feelin' so high high, nigga what? Rolling with the clique, middle fingers up Police on my dick, never gave a fuck Always living trife, bitch you down to fuck? Smoking on some shit that your mama off Never pretend, I gotta go get it this one is all War love got me, but since all Talkin' 'bout some money, we gon' get it solved Talkin' 'bout some bud, we gon' smoke it all LSD bitch, I'm off the wall Throw your hands up if you wanna roll On some new shit, baby this a new phone Got some new packs in and some quick dough Same nigga dead niggas, 10-4 Rest in peace to my nigga nigga, Yambo Live long, long live, yeah I live long Lance Armstrong, live strong, yeah, did right and I did wrong Okay, get high so I hit bone Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm an activist, I cook crack with a dab of piff Crystal meth on an acid trip I'm a G in coke, from trees to dope I feed my coast, hit my line if you need a quote It's a secret show, only speak it if you need to know And you niggas, I don't need to know Beat the beat 'til the speaker broke, I'm in the streets puffin' reefer smoke Try to creep, let the Eagle go Man I'm down for the drillin' of course Man you sugarcane niggas is soft, don't respect your jaw Man matter of fact, fuck the law Double up, nigga, fuck the court, been on it like an outlaw Batman vigilante goin' southpaw Might head to Miami for some time off Came back to the city, hit the concourse Man I'm livin' like a mob boss I shake the game, refrain from permanent My style compares rare like fiends that serve a nick My goals can touch souls, my niggas impervious My team go buck wild, sip Hen and smoke spliffs Don't think I won't trip, cherish every moment A nigga won't miss if he's very focused All black, funeral, gettin' down with a bad one Used to smoke two grams now I'm smokin' mad blunts Had extendo, niggas cause they basic Minds need replacement, thoughtless, conscious and tasteless We rebel cause the aliens comin' down If you say that shit is myth my experience was wild Man could run a mile while his legs are broken down But Arc cook it up, tell shorty simmer down It's amazin', how you niggas really feel about it When it's top floor, ain't no room for more when it's crowded, muh'fucka


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