Love You Too feat. Kehlani

Track byLil Durk

  • 2021.02.04
  • 2:58


When we fight, can't let the world know Don't tell a groupchat or let your girls know They be happy to see you down They be happy to see you down And my heart cold but you heat it up Get you to the crib, lick it, beat it up Real power, couple winning, can't compete with us Can't no one fuck this up 'cause it's too deep with us But I love you, that's why I'm into you, my baby, oh-oh That's why I'm into you, my wifey, yeah-yeah That's why I'm into you, but I love you But I love you You stepped into a boss situation Turnt up with the young generation Tryna give you dick, you can't take it Treat you like a virgin, you can taste it Please don't tell your friends my business Want you to be my girl, no friendship I gave her the code to the mansion Want me to suck her toes, she demand it Oh, ice out her pendant Put a Rollie on her left wrist I don't condone it to no abortions Why you ain't keep it? Oh I ain't never been in love this deep, you know what I'm saying? (Oh) And my past my past, know what I'm saying? I regret it (oh) But I think we're made for each other, for real (oh) Never taking love for granted Many die young before they have this Not too many of 'em growing up and never had this So that's why with you it's a habit, we classic You don't really sell and make it a point to mask that Every bitch from your past try hard to snatch back Give me all your kids, you've run me good so I can snap back You the type to say it, if I wanted I could bag that Deserve it all 'cause you be getting to it You deserve a bitch that'll hold you down through it I know your body, you ain't never gotta prove it You know what you're doing, I know what to do with it (with it) Let's take it to a new limit (limit) You know you you're too small with it So come through, I'ma show you, how it gon' move (how it gon' move) So come through, I'ma show you (I'ma show you) So come through, I'ma show you (I'ma show you) So come through, I'ma show you (I'ma show you) So come through, I'ma show you (I'ma show you)


  • 1.Love You Too feat. Kehlani

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