Holdin' On (Flip Da Scrip Remix)

Track bySkee-Lo

  • 1996.03.08
  • 4:03


(Skee-Lo) Bonsai and oh my Yippee Kai yai yay Hello, hello, hello Hooray, hooray, hooray I am here to interrupt your regular program So hey man now don't you touch that dial Unless we step in single file Keep it pretty slowly Cause you know I like to focus on the ease And you can call me Skee if you please So come on in, come on in Come in and give a pound mix and mingle with your friends Or just have a drink or just sit down Get up stand up come on throw your hands up If ya girl is throwin fronts then your brothers keep your chin up Be cool with the flexin she's in the mood for sexin You could pop the question but that's just my suggestion And when the mood is right we can switch it off to candle light But hold on to your girls cause if you don't well then I might I know that you just might be in the mood-a To want to shoot a spark into the dark But this is just a start (Chorus) I'll keep holdin' on I'll keep holdin' on (Skee-Lo) Thinkin back black yo I could remember that high school flame Now was it Nikki or Lorraine yo what was her name Anyway she was so cute that back at school I tried to rock it But she often put her purse to any brothers tryin to knock it So stop it to get with I got with But what's this was honey just fakin it that kept me from my ducats Now the rain has gone I can clearly see What was we enemies? Not for long alone is what she wants to be But what am I to do, what am I do to? What would you do if you were in the same shoes? With a bunch of bad news from my hoodrat Sorry but I gotta scatter I'm movin from the East to the West So please say God Bless and oh yes see I miss her very much I wish that I could give her my number so that she could stay in touch I wonder if she remembers me and what went on And if she does not understand word is born I'ma keep holdin on (Chorus) I'll keep holdin' on (I'ma keep holdin' on) I'll keep holdin' on (Skee-Lo) Well hello my honey?dips? See I'm back from my trip All the letters you wrote I kept Do you remember when I left? I said, "I'm leavin on the next plane Don't know when I'll be back again" Kiss me, smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me Hold me like you'll never let me go my little trick-a-dee Cause life is what you make as we take it as reality Now we're reunited and it feels so good You know were reunited and it feels so good Through the centuries of time heal the rhymes and unwind Melodies flowin swift with the jazz fill Kill the lights move in closer to your loved ones Baby hold em tight like tomorrow never comes Gaze into the eyes sympathise not the sympathy Me and Mrs Jones got a marriage going on understand me Everything is dandy so what can be wrong And if you now know the song then sing along (Chorus) I'll keep holdin' on I'll keep holdin' on (My word is true) I'll keep holdin' on I'll keep holdin' on (I'ma keep holdin' on) I'll keep holdin' on I'll keep holdin' on