Picture Me Rollin' (ft. Danny Boy, CPO, Big Syke) feat. Big Syke,CPO,Danny Boy

  • 1996.03.25
  • 5:14


[Verse 1: Shadow Ramirez] You got g's man please I'm overseas I got the beats to keep you blowing on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I'm as cold as Mr. Freeze Making music in this game Like flipping coke into ki's Everyday is the same when I'm rolling on chop Got a cop on my left so I'm riding non-stop Till I die I'ma win See it's time to make ends Thinking bout how I'ma make it so I'm sitting on rims 20 inches on chop Hit the scene on the lean Burban clean 6 screens Biscuit tucked at the seams Make my dreams so real Plot to make a mil Let these haters know the way a player really fells When I'm rollin' g Shit! I'm never gonna quit Bout to hit the switch So I can dip on the strip Pull in sideways than I cock it on 3 Everybody stop and stare cause they all want to see how we [Chorus: SPM (Shadow)] (I'm rollin') (Rollin on chop) (I'm bout to drop the top) (I'm fresh off the lot) (I'm rollin') (Rollin on chop) 17 in a 7 7 Seville (I'm rollin') (Rollin on chop) (I'm bout to drop the top) (I'm fresh off the lot) (I'm rollin') (Rollin on chop) Smoke gray Gold trim Big Daddy Grimm [Verse 2: Grimm and SPM] Left Right Than front to back Fresh off the lot in my Cadillac [spm] Done hit this spot Grimm Where we goin' next? [Grimm] Let's flip to the club and try to find some sex See when I'm rollin' in my ride With my homie on my side Got 2 sweets rolled And I'm bout to touch the sky High so high Like my boy Carlos Coy [spm] Maan! [Grimm] I'ma Dope House soulja that's self employed [spm] Ya saves quien soy More chips than Ahoy Dime lo que quieras De le doy In a 100.000 dolla toy En tontes ya me voy Take the pain with the joy While I bang Pink Floyd Ship em out the box Sip Henn on the rocks I bought 2 clubs and 3 restaurants My Cadillac hops I'm strong as an ox I'ma fly by And chunk deuce at the cop Cause I'm [Chorus] [Verse 3: Lil Bing] I'm rollin' non stop I done wrecked the block Chop chop Bunny hop Trunks pop Tops drop Got buys by the fly Got rocks in my watch I'm sideways on mine Finna hit the Marriot I done dodged the cops I broke em off by the lot Glock 17 shots When I punch in the clock Switching lanes on the main Crunk the bang when I feel Wood grain wood strips Bezatines smoking dip On the interstate As I hit the pancake Sipping on the 8 Straight as I break my scrape plate Keep my ride up to date Flipping 20's when I say "It's that throwed ese on the grind movin weight" Pull out the shades Shining down my blades Today's a sunny day And there's money to be made It's that 7 1 trey Pulling out the Escalade Creased up with them dames And a bald fade [Chorus]



2Pac featuring Big Syke, CPO and Danny Boy