I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Track byCypress Hill

  • 1993.07.22
  • 4:26


[Big Daddy Kane] (Check it out y'all) [VERSE 1: Mos Def] Well it's the ill funk freaker, keynote speaker To make a crowd jump up and outshout Eureka! Gold-struck, I make a whole staff go (buck-) Nuts when I represent the cuts on the struck, what Niggaz wanna start beef and throw a fit And puffin out they chest when they can't sing a hit Shit, son, you know you need to stop that shit Son, you know you need to stop that shit Gettin too hot, you 'bout to catch a ill crash landin I take you to places beyond your deepest understanding If there's a hell below, then fuck it, we can go But I really doub that You can find your route back It's the outback ranger, sound shape arranger Spells danger to any punk fakin the funk that got the vapes With the bump to make your backbone hump You mistook me for a chump, nigga, you must be drunk Like a bum on the bus you can play in the rear Kid, you drink too much beer to even mermit my fear I'm always shinin light bright cause my mind is clear I got the crisp vocal tone for the world to hear I flash a grin cause once again the losers can't win Even as [?] I exhibit and promise So please, you can act surprised if you want That Mos is a pro, not a dilettant Call me the pro-active mack with the ludicrously fat shit That never fail to twist a nigga cap backwards Being [?] numb to the hum of a drum When the M-o-s come batty done, so run Deserve a word like phenomenon Like that [CHORUS: Mos Def] We are UTD and This is our way of livin We rock and shock the party With the vibes that we be givin So where ya at y'all? Where ya at? Where ya at y'all Where ya at? [VERSE 2: Ces] I got the book of rhyme pages for all types of ages All types of phrases, I been to mad places I guess that means that I been around I got the ear for the sound, the sound of the underground I'm not lost and could never be found I give my man a pound from the love and respect A brother try to diss me, I put his ass in check I yoked him by the neck cause I don't go for the disrespect Black, you don't even know me like that But if you wanna blow we can go to combat So - so - so - so Don't never even think about jerkin me I got mad grip with the UTD A brother baby boo and the QCD Now when I flow I drop the b-o-m-b Cause it's like that, what, yes it's like that It's like that, what, yes it's like that It's like that - well what is it like? What is it like when I pick up the mic I attract and excite at night like dynamite I got a brother so heated that he was ready to fight So I gotta keep the grip that's tight, aight I walk through the street swiftly and safely But you never catch me with my shit locked on safety Cause I gotta be ready, be ready for the bomb Be ready to throw down, be ready to get it on (It's a shame) Now brothers is trife in this life And I already been through enough strains and strife A brother tried to play me and 'do me baby' like Silk The joke was on him, he didn't know that I was drinkin milk So I ripped and pulled until I flexed My eyes turned red so he could see that I was vexed I caught wreck and then I yoked him by the neck I loved him like a reject, full of neglect So who's next to contest You don't want it but you're on it [CHORUS] [VERSE 3: DCQ] Well let's take it down to the nitty gritty The dot-dot-ditty from the fourth largest city Where is that? Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy region The U is comin through with the freshest this season Even kill, it's all real, you know the deal Say what you will and do how you feel It's the Brakalak bop, blowin up spots Just be cautious, cause the shit is type hot Book page turner, teach and learner Givin niggaz heart [?] without the fuckin burner Constantly keepin it on the one Cause the god's only doin what must be done From cipher to born we got it goin on (Yo D, watch your bars, god, we runnin too long) Peace, you see I'm out of time Niggaz gotta go for theirs, yo, I went for mine [CHORUS] Right here...


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