So Ruff

  • 2014.11.19
  • 3:44


Ahh RedmaAnnotaten.. Do you feel that the blacks in your community Are still mad at the racial situation? [Red] Yeah they still mad And if you don't take that funny smirk off your face I'mma kick your... Over three hundred ghetto-related crimes happened In Newark, New Jersey alone -- still the saga continues [Redman] Stick em up, STICK EM UP! I got the jammie to your vest punk Don't make a move! Before I choose to make your guts run All over the block, cause my stomach's in a knot And it growls twenty-four hours a day around the tick-tock I got roaches and vats of the rats carryin bats and gats So I *farting noise* 'fore I snack Jack Because I'm not down with water from the hydrant My moms takin a bath and my brother's next arrivin I gotta think of a plan so I can eat I haven't had a cracker for weeks so my mouth leaks I squat up, cause I'mma set up this kid, carryin loot out From Burger King and what I'mma do is.. Run up on him, SNATCH the bag of money, then bust the dummy! Cause my man when I think of a plan there's no shorts take Cause I pack jammies inside of my Nordface, coat Had the black brother on scope No joke's what I am cause the man's a pure pro (Yo my man you got a light? Yeah give me the effin money too G!) Yo STOP STOP STOP! Took the money then I dipped with the quickness The plan went well so I got down to the business Opened up the bag it was filled with paper I thought I freaked the funk but now starts the caper Cause I was set up, now I have to go head up with the cops What they carryin? Black Glocks (shit's thick!) What's the next move? My life's on the line Bullets in their clips and none in mine Sirens on, once again it's on I fell (OW!) and then the black Glocks went POW! I got snuffed and I got bust Now the only thing I'm sniffin is dust, cause it's ("It's so rough!") 5X Me and Erick Sermon takin a trip Uptown In the ? run a blast and my tape pumpin ganja Since Erick got props I step to this hottie with more damn body than a chop shop Flexed the jewels then she chose to talk to me It was no doubt that baby cakes was hawkin me So I kicked it, upped the digits, terrific Not knowin she was scopin me cause I was MAD splifted Later on that week honeydip freaked the funk Playin Redman and Erick out like two chumps Callin him weekdays, callin me weeknights (Who had her weekends?) Whichever man would freak right Things got cozy one night like dynamite We stripped to bare backs and took care of the bare facts No hats? Went Funkadelic Took a splash, you know how that go fellas Two months later (see you later alligator) She was pissed and, I ended up seein my physician She took a blood test, she took a head check Looked at me thinkin, "Why the hell he isn't dead yet?" Then I asked her, "Why you lookin at me?!" She said, "Redman because you have the HIV" Called Erick and his set, that girl, don't mess around! Too late, cause Erick already had his drawers down Cause it's ("It's so rough!") 3X [R] Cause it's so rough! To all my brothers wear your hats wear your hats You can either get with this or you can either catch the claps And to my sisters, make em wear they prophyl-lastic Cause it's drastic, havin another ghetto bastard Think I'm vyin for a piece of butt? Honey you must be nuts You better settle for a wet kiss so pucker up Cause you end up messin around catchin the heebie jeebies Lookin like WHODUNNIT? Witcha face up on the TV So next time you want sex, get wreck, but protect Cause you could be like sexin to your last death And if you still don't know the time, press rewind Cause the next thing you might hear is a flatline [BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP]