Skrt On Me feat. Nicki Minaj

  • 2017.06.30
  • 3:48


(Verse 1) Young Money Say baby no no no no no You know my lovin' ain't free babe We'll make you do what you don't wanna do No what you don't wanna no that ain't me babe Baby no no no no I ain't with the drama, baby what I need I need you ten height now, need you ten toes down baby (Hook) Said if you ride baby ride up Pull up from behind maybe whine up And you and me, we can shine up So baby come make your mind up (Chorus) Believe babe I need you to skirt on me babe Get down low so you know I need to know 'Cause you keep telling me your love ain't free babe And if you really whine up on me 'Cause the hips don't lie baby Get down low so you know I need to know 'Cause you keep telling me your love ain't free babe (Verse 2) Say baby I got so used to it being on a creep babe Yeah maybe I got so used to just giving you the least babe But nowadays I need more from ya I need something I can keep See nowadays I need real, nowadays I need you to take the lead (Hook x2) (Chorus) Ay yo Bring in the blunt Emily Blunt Platinum back Eyes bling in the front I'mma lay in the junk Yao Ming to dunk And I'm playing the field Brad Wing the punk I'mma tell him I love him In the foreign, Cabo Whips immigration Everything I want is custom Now they calling me Billy I'm the goat, no achilles Hell since I left Philly counting the millies to babies Put that herd on me Ya'll wearing jeans baby put that skirt on me Roll in sleep and then I put that shirt on me Pussy clean, these ain't got no dirt on me Gotta play it by my rules so I swerve on him Buy my cash money, you can ask Bird or Slim Welcome to my paradise, so live in my linen Now we got a big thing for Caribbean women (Chorus x2)


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