Heatstroke feat. Young Thug,Pharrell Williams,Ariana Grande

  • 2017.06.30
  • 3:49


(Intro: Young Thug) Won't you please Slow it down I'm trying to talk to you darlin Tryin to walk with you darlin Do you hear me? And nobody can stop it The love You got from me And every time, I look out at my seat today They chase, they flash they flash, yes (Verse 1: Young Thug) Tell me how you feel right now Cuz all I wanna do is keep it real right now I'm tryna to beat it up, beat pills right now Athletic in the sheets I got skills right now Break bread, with some red baby yeah Ballin in the club ace of spades yeah Pop the bitches spray it like raid Yellow diamonds on ya like a glass of lemonade QB, I know it, Teeth white, newports I won't need, slight shorts 80 thousand dollar Birkin bag in the Porsche Tryna fuck with you till we on life support I'll split it wit you if we get half of Michael Jord No toilet tissue I shit on n****s Cause life is short No passport to go with me I have to get deported (Chorus: Pharrell Williams&Young Thug) Release, let go, and have a good time Have a good, have a good time, Have a good, have a good time Release, let go, and have a good time Let's have a good, have a good time (Refrain: Ariana Grande&Pharrell Williams) When you do things like this And you set me free How can anyone get tired When you do things like this And you set me free I think I've just been inspired (Verse 2: Young Thug) Jefferey! Brand new chapter of a real you She got every red bottom like a baboon Hundred bottles in the club real one room Girl you gotta keep up with a boss move King of the jungle tycoon Errybody thinkin that's a cartoon We just want to party with us in the one room Do you want some, no I don't son Try and watch me ball out Do you want money I'm just tryna turn up tryna work something Chi city dick yeah she wanna fuck it first Hey mista, you a rat burn Good hair down her back Rich nigga I like em ratchet Fuck it up throw it back No shave Brazilian wax (Chorus) (Refrain) (Outro: Pharrell Williams&Ariana Grande) Hey, hey I could sweat like this all night Oh heatstroke I think you opened my eyes


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Calvin Harris