Root Beer Rag (Live)

Track byBilly Joel

  • 2016.01.04
  • 3:08


Yeah, Yeah Well Billy was the football captain, apple of mum's eye With the finest education a second mortgage could buy But Billy dreamed of outlaw legends in the wild wild west Where you could win a Brownlow and fail a drug test His mother saw what that could mean and so she sat him down And made her Billy promise: Billy don't go chasing thrills. Bill, stay home with your mum, son. Billy, Mama knows best. Bill, don't be like the rest, son. Billy don't take your guns to town. Still Billy still dreamed of football fame and all that it could bring Not so much the running round - but the tarts and blow and bling He'd gaze over to the west, see his name in lights As he sat back at Hungry Jacks with his Coke and ice He dreamed of meeting those kind of handymen who'd only fix a match Or throw a gas stove off the side of a boat ... with someone attached He'd have the cops in his pocket, a sawn-off in his boot He'd know where Ronnie Biggs hid the loot He'd even know the guys in ROOT! What would it be like to have real power - not just messin' round? But in his head his mothers words: Billy don't you be a star. Bill, Dont show them what you are, son. Billy don't go chasing thrills. Bill, stay home with your mum, son. Billy don't take your guns to town. Word of Billy's awesome talent found its way out west He "standing jumped" right off the graph, his "beep test" better than the rest That November day they picked him, his sobbing mother prayed But Bill just said "such is life" and just slipped on his shades He signed his Faustian pact right there - and now he's going down 'Cos Bill forgot his mothers words: Don't take your guns to town. Billy, Way to pass the test. Bill, Don't be at your best, son. Billy, It's the Captain and the Vice. Bill, In this Surface Paradise, son. It's more than a game Dont let them send you way out west You'll wind up in a house of pain Defibrillators on your chest Don't take your guns to town.


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