Lose Yourself

Lose Yourself

Track by Eminem


作詞:M. Mathers/J. Bass/L. Resto

作曲:M. Mathers/J. Bass/L. Resto

Look. If you had one shot or
one opportunity,
to seize everything you
ever wanted in one moment,
would you capture it
or just let it slip?
(Verse 1)
Yo. His palms are sweaty,
knees weak arms are heavy,
there's vomit
on his sweater already, mom's
He's nervous, but on the
surface he looks calm
and ready to drop bombs but he
keeps on
forgetting what he wrote down
the whole crowd goes so loud he
opens his mouth
but the words won't come out
he's choking how
everybody's chokin now the
clock's run out
times up over blow!
snap back to reality. Oh there
goes gravity.
Oh there goes rabbit he choked
he's so mad
but he won't give up that easy
no he won't have
it he knows the whole backs of
these ropes,
it don't matter he's dope
he knows that but he's broke
he's so sad
that he knows when goes back to
his mobile home
that's when its back to the lab
again yo, this
old rap city better go capture
this moment
and hope it don't pass.
(Chorus x2)
You better lose yourself in the
the moment, you own it you
better never let it go.
you only get one shot do not
miss your one
chance to blow this opportunity
comes once
in a lifetime.
(Verse 2)
Souls escaping through this
hole that is gaping
this world is mine
for the taking make me king as
we move
toward new world order a normal
life is boring
but super-stardom is close to
post mortem it
only grows harder, homie grows
he blows, its all over these
hoes is all on him coast to
coast shows
he's known as the globe
trotter lonely roads god only
he's grown farther from home
he's no father he goes home

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