Ash Like Snow

  • 2013.11.27
  • 4:34


The sky is painted in blood red and turning into darkness and swallowing the stars, the dust is settling How soft it falls, the ash is faintly piling up like snow And as I stare with grief into windows I never dreamed now I feel the frost there... I come for you All of my thoughts are soaring up into the night sky desolate and finally break apart And whenever this world turns into something else entirely Everything I want protected breaks by my hand and falls into silence My heart is clamoring within so crowded and corrupted But I can hear your voice, that anesthetic sound I'm growing cold, my senses now escape away from me No matter how I chase anomalies It's never ending I don't understand why am I fighting? Even if light should disappear and never come back Even if the earth should fall away I will never forget the tiny prayer that I made tonight Guide me to the place that I should be going to There I come for you, yeah Ash like snow is falling down From your sky Ash like snow Ash like snow Ash like snow Let me hear... Why I have to fight? Every one of my thoughts are soaring up into the night sky desolate and finally break apart Clear a way through the dark, and in the name of honor and glory I have lost the things that I had promised to guard with my lif e (It's falling from your sky) It has all been in vain (Baby I come for you) Every scar that I have, and every time the shattered pieces sti ng Closing up my heart and who can doubt what I chose I only wanted to be stronger in my regret And I've come this far now


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Tommy heavenly6