Beg For It feat. MØ

Track byIggy Azalea

  • 2017.07.12
  • 2:58


Imma make you beg, Imma make you beg for it.(x2) V1 Pulled up looking picture perfect, baby. High price but I'm worth it, baby, Can't play with ya, I been busy workin' baby, Getting faded in the European swervin' ay Look, describe Iggy groundbreaking what the word is, Hit the stage, ass shakin' like I'm nervous. When in New York I be parkin' right on Madison. This ain't no accident I'm killin em on purpose. I-G-G...Why did she, just have do to it, Baby ride with me, fly living, ain't nothin' to it, And my waist slim, ass fat, you gotta have it, Get my bake on, cake long, that's automatic. CHORUS I know you like, The way I turn it on, I'm out here with my friends, Imma make you beg Imma make you beg for it. If you don't do this right, You're going home alone, I guess you'll have to beg. Imma make you beg, Imma make you beg for it. V2 Pussy power pay me by the hour, I need me a Braveheart cant deal with a coward, I tell him if he ain't ballin', he should hit the showers, If I pick you, you lucky baby, this money ours. All yellow gold on me like I'm Trinidad (james) Sittin' drop top wondering where the ceiling at, I know my old thang wanna bring the feeling back, But I got a new thang, baby I ain't feeling that. Now Iggy Iggy Iggy, can't you see, That everybody wanna put they hands on me? See I be on this money while your man on me, And I need another hand with all these bands on me, wait. (CHORUS) Get up out my face like who d'you think you are? Talking all this trash like bla-di bla-di blah. Oh-ay-oh (nuh-uh), Oh-ay (nuh-uh), Oh-ay-oh. Get up out my face like who'd you think you are, Make we wanna laugh like ha-di ha-di ha. Oh-ay-oh (nuh-uh), Oh-ay (nuh-uh) (CHORUS) Got you hooked boy, I'm like a drug, If you want my love, Better smoke it up, Imma make you beg, Imma make you beg for it, You can look boy, but don't you touch, If you want my love, make me give a fuck. Imma make you beg, Imma make you beg for it.


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